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Stop Making a Mountain out of a Molehill & Get Your Moles Checked.

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Why it is Important to get your Moles Checked

Moles are extremely common. Whether you are covered or have just a few random ones; everyone has them.

Besides not looking great moles can also potentially be dangerous if left unchecked and neglected. In the summer months especially, it is very important to get your moles checked out. You should regularly get examined by a Melanoma specialist to ensure that any lesions are benign and not cancerous.

It is very easy to get lazy with checking your moles, and it can seem like a laborious task, but you can monitor them very simply.

Just look out for these signs:

  • Change in colour
  • Mutation of shape
  • Blurred or crooked edges
  • Satellite moles (that appear in a circular shape)
  • Change in size
  • Itchiness
  • Bleeding

If you cannot see all your moles, you should get your partner, parent, friend or sibling to check them for you, especially if they are in hard-to-see places like your back. Keeping track of your skin by taking pictures of them can be a good way to monitor any changes, and can be done relatively simply as advances in technology now mean that most of us have a camera on our phone!

If you have any suspicions, it is important to act fast. If your lesions are cancerous you need to catch them early on and have them removed.

A mole check at PHI Clinic is swift and easy, yet very thorough. Our resident mole expert, consultant, Mr Apul Parikh, performs mole mapping and dermatoscopies, where he thoroughly assesses your skin, moles, and lesions for any irregularities. He also performs all mole removals and excisions at PHI, both for aesthetic or medical concerns.

So stop making a mountain out of a molehill, and book in your mole check today by calling 0207 034 5999.

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