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How Long Does A Muscle Toning Treatment Take?

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We all have an ideal body shape that we would like to achieve, beautifully sculpted abdominals, accentuated lifted glutes, and firm exquisitely toned thighs and calves, but it can be a juggle to find the time to put in the extra gym hours required to achieve our goals.

Advances in technology and overall lifestyle changes in recent decades have seen many people adopt a more sedentary way of life. This change has resulted in people spending most of the day doing activities that do not require their muscles to work properly. Toned muscles are also key in supporting and protecting the joints from incorrect movements. Joints that are supported by strong, toned muscles will generally suffer far fewer injuries than a joint surrounded by weaker muscles. Most importantly, improved strength levels will enhance cardio-respiratory well-being, and can positively impact and increase overall health.

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truSculpt Flex Muscle Toning Treatment

truSculpt flex is a muscle-sculpting device that offers personalised treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals. With the multi-treatment options, you are more likely to see an increase in muscle density and growth at a greater rate than you might with heavy lifting or weight training.

The expeditious results are due to the electrical pulses created by the truSculpt hand-piece which are more intense than actual physical exercise. The truSculpt muscle toning treatment has the added advantage over the gym, as patients can tone up to eight muscle groups at any one time. A further benefit of the truSculpt treatment is that no matter what body shape or fitness level you are to begin with, you can benefit from the treatment without the risk of injury.

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How Long Does truSculpt Flex Muscle Treatment Take?

The really good news is that in just a short time (sessions usually last about 45 minutes), the treatment works multiple areas at one time, mimicking exercises such as twisting, squats, and crunches. Most people will begin to see the best results after taking part in four treatments. Once you have reached the peak of your sessions, it is likely that you may only need one session every 3-6 months, in order to maintain your results.

It is recommended that treatments are spaced with at least 48 hours between sessions, to allow your muscles to heal and rest before the next treatment. You will not experience the discomfort which follows an intense workout as there are three alternative directions which are deployed throughout treatments which helps to avoid muscle fatigue and soreness. So, in just under an hour you will experience the benefits of a muscle toning workout that would usually require multiple trips to the gym.

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Muscle Toning Treatment Consultation

To find out if truSculpt flex is the right treatment for you, book your no-obligation consultation at PHI Clinic with one of our highly trained clinicians today by calling us on 02070345999 or emailing info@phiclinic.com.

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