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Natural Bespoke Skincare


Natural Bespoke Skincare

Food for Thought

super foods specialistMany of us are getting stricter with our daily food intake and what we put in our bodies these days. Whether you are an avocado advocate or a super foods specialist; knowing the exact ingredients, source and nutritional benefits of your food is paramount. So why, then, do we ignore the needs of our skin – the largest organ of our bodies, and the last to get that all-important nutrients – applying generic skincare treatments and lotions?

Skincare regimes come in all forms; nightly rituals, a twice daily protocol or an early morning invigorating scrub. Likewise, skin conditions and requirements range from person to person. Just as you would avoid certain foods to suit your dietary requirements, you should amend your skincare so that it is tailored to you.

Natural, Bespoke Skincare

Avoid the overwhelming visits to your local chemists and beauty aisles, and have an in-depth, personalised skin assessment and consultation by one of PHI Clinic London’s highly-trained aestheticians.

Not only do our expert skin therapists analyse your skin’s needs and your personal preferences, they will explain to you exactly why they have selected the ingredients for your own natural bespoke skincare system.

UniverSkin is a revolutionary skincare system, created by dermatologists in France, that is tailor-made for the individual. Rather than being an overarching system for dry/sensitive/oily skin, our aestheticians will identify the key, active ingredients needed to boost your skin and work towards the desired result. The fresh ingredients are mixed in front of you, and you can take your bespoke skincare serum home with you that day.

Here to Help

phi clinic teamWe encourage all patients on the UniverSkin range to have regular reviews every 6 weeks. This enables our therapists to check the progress of the treatment and to alter the intensity of the treatment, if required. We allow time for your skin to adjust to the fresh, active ingredients and ensure you are confident in applying your lotion.

Our team will also relay any messages to your assigned aesthetician, should you wish to contact us via email or phone at any time.

Why Choose PHI Clinic?

PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, is a multi-award-winning practice, located in the heart of Central London. With a team of dedicated doctors and medical professionals, as well as knowledgeable and experienced aestheticians, we offer unrivalled care and support for all our patients.

Being the first in the UK to have UniverSkin, PHI Clinic has exclusive facilities, knowledge and a tremendous amount of experience with the products. We also house the widest selection of treatments under one roof, in the whole of UK. This enables us to provide the treatment you require and we are equipped to deal with a much broader spectrum of conditions and concerns.


Should you require any further information about bespoke skincare at PHI Clinic, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0207 034 5999. Our staff can also assist you in scheduling a consultation with one of our aestheticians.

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