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Do I Need Fat Removal Surgery?

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There are many reasons why people consider fat removal surgery, whether that’s to improve the results experienced from a fitness or weight loss journey, tackle those stubborn areas that just won’t shift, or to target problem areas to enhance the contours of the body. However, with the development of new technologies in the last decade, there are more non-surgical options for those seeking a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Fat removal surgery is an internationally known, effective surgical procedure to remove fat and, if performed well by the right surgeon, it can provide exceptional results; however, this for some of us is not enough reassurance. A non-surgical solution ticks the right boxes for us, even if it means the result may not be as substantial. These alternatives don’t carry the same risks as their traditional counterparts, like lengthy downtime and scarring. Instead, they offer an out-patient experience, so you can visit your practitioner for a 35-60 minute treatment and return to normal daily life in no time at all.


So, what’s the alternative to fat removal surgery?

fat removal surgery

The Hyperthermic Laser: SculpSure

SculpSure is a form of body contouring that uses incredible non-invasive laser methods to break down and remove fat. This type of lipolysis, using precision laser treatment to damage adipose tissue, targets the abdomen and the flanks. The hyperthermic lasers increases the temperature of the adipose to between 42 and 47 degrees centigrade, allowing the body to destroy and dispose of them naturally within as soon as 6 weeks post-treatment. This is a comfortable procedure that causes no damage to the skin or the surrounding tissue due to the unique technique and excellent precision. (Please be aware that SculpSure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic.)

Cryolipolysis: CoolSculpting

In contrast to SculpSure, CoolSculpting is a similar method of fat removal that works in the opposite way. Instead of heating the fat cells, CoolSculpting by Allergan eliminates them using extreme cooling methods. Again, this is a non-invasive procedure that is highly precise in order to target specific adipose cells beneath the skin without causing damage to the skin itself. Extra safety measures implemented within the system and the technology means that if the skin is detected as being too cold, the system will shut itself down immediately.


This variation of fat removal is a procedure that uses non-invasive technology consisting of mono-polar and infrared radio frequencies that tighten and reduce fat. Unlike the procedures above, this can be used on both the body and the face but it does not eliminate cells entirely and rather reduces their size. Exilis very often may be used alongside the above treatments to maximise the result. (Please ask your clinician for further information).

Writing this article, it was my intention to open your eyes to the possibilities and options available to you when you are looking to tackle stubborn fat, and I hope that I have been successful.

Find Out More About Fat Removal Surgery Alternatives

Fat removal surgery should be considered a last resort, as it is almost always better and safer to seek non-invasive treatments if possible. As always, treatment can often be avoided entirely if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and taking regular exercise. While some find it easier to lose weight than others, this will certainly help in the long run with all aspects of your health, not only your weight.

For more information or to arrange an appointment to discuss your non-surgical fat removal options, contact us on 020 7034 5999. We always require a consultation prior to any treatment going ahead in order to determine the most appropriate course of action for your individual needs.

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