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The New Year Facial

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It’s that time again, when everyone around us starts repeating the old adage, “New year, new me!” Whether you are ready for a change or tired of the yearly refresh, there’s something that we can all agree on; the new year facial at PHI is worth it. Putting your best face forward into the new year has never been easier.

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The New Year Facial

The new year facial is a combination treatment that is comprised of a Beauti-PHI Peel followed by a session of LaseMD. These two skincare giants work wonders individually, and when used together they improve the quality and appearance of skin in just one 90 minute session. This treatment is performed by our highly skilled aesthetic therapists at PHI Clinic.

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Beauti-PHI Peel

Also called the Silk Peel, the Beauti-PHI Peel uses hydrodermabrasion for a gentle but thorough cleansing of the skin. Contrary to its name, it is not a peel, but rather a non-invasive facial treatment that uses no harsh ingredients. While the handpiece is used to dislodge built up dirt and grime from pores, it also delivers topical serums to the surface of skin that are specially designed to treat various indications, including dry skin, acne, and sun damage.

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The LaseMD is a completely non-invasive laser that treatment that improves skin health by creating microchannels for cosmeceutical serums to penetrate deeper levels of the dermis. These serums include vital ingredients like Vitamins A and C, as well as Resveratrol and Tranexamic Acid, to address a variety of concerns across the face.

Unlike other laser devices, the LaseMD can be used all year round, and can be performed as a one off treatment or as a course of multiple sessions to maintain results.

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The New Year Facial Reviews

You can find previous patient journeys on our Instagram highlights, as well as on @ThatNewDress and @anastasiabsmith’s highlights. For patient testimonials, you can visit Lucy Pinder’s website here or ThatNewDress’s Silk Peel review here.

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We require that all of our patients have a consultation prior to any treatment going ahead here at PHI Clinic, to ensure suitability and create a bespoke plan that addresses your needs.

To book your consultation with one of our skilled clinicians, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999 or info@phiclinic.com.

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