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Non-Invasive Fat Removal

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There is no quick fix to fat removal, whether that’s through the surgical route of liposuction or adopting a health diet plan to get rid of the extra pounds. However, when it comes to non-invasive fat removal, this is simply a myth. There is very little you can do to remove fat without having to go under the knife but for some, stubborn fat is a major area of concern that can occur anywhere around the body. Through fat freezing technology, the aim isn’t to lose the pounds but to cheat your way into appearing you have done so.

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Fat Removal VS Fat Reduction

The connotations of ‘removal’, automatically makes you think of a painful procedure in order to lose fat, right? Liposuction can be an uncomfortable procedure with a considerable amount of downtime required, which means it may take you longer to return back to daily activities. Whilst there aren’t any non-invasive fat removal options, through the power of fat freezing technology, fat can be reduced without a scalpel in sight.

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Fat Freezing Technology

CoolSculpting® treatment is FDA-cleared for fat reduction, using cryolipolysis technology. By applying controlled cooling to the targeted area, hosting unwanted fatty deposits, this provides safe and effective body sculpting and fat reduction. Stubborn fat can be found around the body and can appear in the form of bingo wings, love handles and even back fat. Fat freezing is not a substitute for weight loss as you will need to be within your goal weight as treatment specifically targets unwanted pockets of fat, and will need to be maintained by adopting a healthy diet and fitness plan.

For those reluctant to go under the knife, this is a fantastic alternative to liposuction as the device can freeze stubborn fat in short sessions with no damage to the surrounding tissue. Following on from treatment, dead cells are naturally flushed out of the body through the body’s natural processes.

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CoolSculpting At PHI Clinic

To find out more information about non-invasive fat removal with CoolSculpting, check out our website under our treatments section, to see if CoolSculpting is right for you. If you would like to book a consultation with us, get in touch or equally follow us on social media for some incredible past patient journeys.

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