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How Old Is Too Old For A Non-Surgical Facelift?

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As a child we spend our time saying we can’t wait to grow up, but now we’re adults we look back fondly as we now spend our time chasing our youth. Whilst anti-ageing creams and skincare regimes aim to revive a youthful look, for some, these temporary solutions fail to restore a youthful look leading to some seeking a non-surgical facelift.

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When Should You Consider A Non-Surgical Facelift?

Whilst some may seek a more permanent solution by going under the knife, a non-surgical facelift tends to fit those looking for treatment to address their concerns, and might be unsure about surgery. However for some cases, your non-invasive doctor may suggest surgery after exploring non-surgical options, if they feel you would not receive optimum results.

For those looking for a preventive measure, early too mid thirties is the best time to seek treatment, to prevent any concerns worsening over time. As we age collagen begins to break down, causing plumpness and volume loss in the skin. However everyone’s concerns are different, which is why a consultation is required in order to assess individual concerns to determine the best course of action.

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Non-surgical Facelift Before and After

At the time of treatment Phoebe was 61 and was treated by Dr Tapan for three areas of concern, sagging skin along the lower jawline, frown lines and concerns around the lip area. Dermal fillers were used to restore volume and plumpness to the face as collagen was lost over time, creating the appearance of a non-invasive face lift.

To complement a non-surgical face lift, Juvederm Volift was injected into lips to create symmetry and define the cupid’s bow creating a more youthful projection of the lip.

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Patient Journey For Forehead Lines

At the time of treatment Simon was 50 and entered the clinic to be seen by Dr Tapan with concerns of static forehead lines. Natural movements of the muscles under the skin can create fine lines and wrinkles over time and if left untreated, lines can worsen and become deeper over time.

In Simon’s case, dermal filler was used to treat the static line located in between the eyebrows, with botox added to the forehead to temporarily relax the muscles under the skin to reduce the appearance of frown lines on the surface of the skin.

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Treatment at PHI Clinic London

From consultation, any individual concerns are addressed with our team of highly skilled injectors to construct a tailored treatment plan to get the best possible results for you.

If you would like to book a consultation, get in touch or equally follow us on social media to check out more incredible past patient journeys that have been treated at PHI Clinic London.

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