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UK Clinic launches Sculpsure – non surgical fat removal

UK Clinic launches Sculpsure – non surgical fat removal

Fat removal has long been part of our daily routines, however we are still often left with those fatty deposits in certain areas that are stubborn and are not removed even with a healthy lifestyle or diet. Liposuction has been available in UK Clinics for many years and the procedures have developed over time which allows us to target more specific parts of the body thus reducing the appearance of ‘love handles’ and ‘wobbly bellies’.

Sculpsure hit the American market and took it by storm. It has recently been brought over to the UK and is FDA approved. PHI Clinic of 102 Harley Street, UK is the first clinic in the UK to offer this incredible treatment (Please be aware that Sculpsure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic). Cynosure is the parent company of Sculpsure and they offer and array of other treatments. Phi is a doctor led clinic founded and run by Doctor Tapan Patel, we are recognised as being among the finest clinics in the world endorsed by international specialists.

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Sculpsure works by permanently eradicating fat cells through the use of heat. Without the cells in the body to produce fat the contoured silhouette is once again brought back to the surface. As with all fat reduction procedures it is best to continue with a healthy diet and exercise to maintain the results. Although the fat cells are killed off the ones that remain, if allowed to they can expand and will therefore allow more fatty deposits to be retained by the body. This is why eating correctly is vital to maintain results.

Once the fat cells are killed during this procedure the body is then allowed to do what it is designed to do and get rid of unwanted waste naturally over time. The procedure takes about 25 minutes. Depending on the amount of fat in the problem area you may be required to have more than one treatment. As with all liposuction treatments they shouldn’t be used as a form of weight loss, they are designed to target specific areas and aim to work in conjunction with a good lifestyle.

Although heat is used to melt away the difficult areas you should not be in discomfort during the procedure as the cooling of the applicator head on the skin will counteract any heat felt on the surface. As with many fat removal procedures you may experience some swelling and tenderness at the site of removal once the treatment has been completed on the site of removal. However due to the non invasive nature of Sculpsure the downtime is greatly reduced. You should always follow the advice from your professional to enable your body to heal effectively.

sculpsure lipo cost londonSculpsure is a relatively new procedure available in the UK. It can be used on all skin and body types. By combining the minimal invasive procedure with the top of the range light based technology the results can be astonishing. Sculpsure is not just liposuction but liposculpture with emphasis on the contouring of the body and not solely on the removal of fatty deposits.

Here at Phi Clinic we are in constant touch with all new technological advances and the procedures may therefore change with time although all are available at the clinic at the time these articles were written. With this in mind this allows Phi to provide you with the best procedures available and therefore allows you to have the highest chance of successful treatments.  Phi does not accept liability for the comments in these posts.


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