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Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping

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Non-surgical jawline reshaping is becoming more and more popular among women and men alike who are looking for an improvement in the shape of the jaw without turning to traditional surgical methods.

At PHI, we offer augmentation using Botox® and dermal fillers, performed by our highly experienced injectors, for subtle but effective changes to shape of the lower face.

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Surgical Jawline Reshaping

Non-surgical jawline reshaping is a modern alternative to traditional surgical methods of augmenting the lower face that has no associated downtime or scarring. In the past, the only way to create this augmentation was with a surgical procedure that involves shaving down the edges of the mandible (the lower jawbone) for a refined contour.

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Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping : Botox

The masseter, also known as the chewing muscle, runs from the zygoma, or cheekbone, to the top of the jawbone near the ear. Just like any other muscle, the masseter can become bigger when it is ‘worked out’ by chewing or teeth grinding and clenching, leading to an enlarged appearance that can cause a wide jaw.

At PHI Clinic, we use the brand Botox® for jawline slimming treatments. Botox works by temporarily relaxing a targeted muscle, in this case the masseter, for a reduction in size that leads to a slimmer silhouette. Jawline Botox® is performed by our doctors and nurse injectors at PHI, who are all highly trained in delivering safe and effective treatments that address facial concerns holistically.

Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping : Dermal Fillers - cheek fillers london enhancement

Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping : Dermal Fillers

As well as reducing the apparent size of the jaw, we can use dermal fillers to add volume to create a refined contour. Fillers can be used directly in the chin and along the jawline to balance features and add definition, and indirectly in the cheekbone to lift the lower face and improve the appearance of jowls to redefine the jawline.

We exclusively use Juvederm dermal fillers at PHI, known for their clinical efficacy and longevity, with results lasting for up to 24 months. Dermal fillers are predominantly performed by our doctors at PHI Clinic, who all train regularly to update their techniques in order to continuously offer gold standard treatments to every patient.

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A Bespoke Treatment Plan

For further information about non-surgical jaw reshaping options, you can contact us to find out more, or book a consultation with an experienced clinician who can assess your face shape and create a bespoke treatment plan.

Botox® and fillers can be used in combination to achieve significant results without creating a harsh or exaggerated appearance, without the need for surgery. You can call us on 0207 034 5999 for more information, or to book a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced injectable clinicians.

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