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Non-Surgical Jawline Slimming

non-surgical jawline slimming

The masseter muscle, or the muscles that are located around the jaw, can sometimes be over-exercised, meaning an increase in the heavy appearance of the jaw treatable at PHI with non-surgical jawline slimming.

With light applications of Botox, we can prevent that muscle from tensing, and with quite astounding results, provide a much slimmer, more feminised appearance.

Such an effective treatment is common here at the clinic, and we would advise anyone looking to improve the appearance of this area to first seek out non-surgical alternatives prior to exploring a surgical route.

Treating a wide jaw at PHI Clinic - PHI_005 690x960

Treating a wide jaw at PHI Clinic

For a non-surgical jawline slimming consultation, as with any non-surgical facial rejuvenation consultations, we would advise that bring with you a photo of your face in the past, particularly if you feel the indication has increased in recent years. It is a great resource for our doctors and practitioners to gain a good understanding of the change over time as well as the face in animation and at rest. This will enable us to create a much more natural result for you in the long run, so is recommended for the best outcomes.

When can I see results after non-surgical jawline slimming? - cobbled chin treatment harley street 690x960

When can I see results after non-surgical jawline slimming?

Results can be seen in between 5 and 10 days, it does take a little bit of time for the product to set in, and cause the effect. At PHI Clinic, we always prefer to under-treat, rather than over-treat, but there is always the opportunity for the patient to come back for a small top up in the area, however the effects of Botox are not reversible, and you would need to wait the desired time for the effects to wear off, so under treating is the best way for optimal results.

To book a non-surgical jawline slimming consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999.

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