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What Does Non-Surgical Liposuction Cost?

What does non-surgical liposuction cost?


Non surgical Liposuction is designed to restyle your body rather than directly lose weight. It targets those stubborn areas that hold onto the fatty deposits such as ‘love handles’ greatly reducing the appearance of excess fat. Non surgical liposuction is used for such areas where it is hard to shift fatty deposits with diet and exercise. It will help contour your body giving it its natural shape and definition.

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Here are a list of different non surgical liposuction procedures and their associated costs and results.



Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure which adopts cryolipolysis technology to cool unwanted fatty deposits beneath the skin, providing safe and effective body sculpting and fat reduction. You can reduce multiple areas with coolsculpting and with extra sessions the results can be very effective. You will be able to discuss your treatment plan with your aesthetician here at PHI who will in turn tailor your personal treatment plan.

The downtime with non surgical liposuction is relatively minimal. However you may experience some pulling during your treatment and bruising/swelling within the areas that have been treated although this should subside relatively quickly after the completion of the procedure. It is important to disclose all medical history and to follow all recovery information given to you.

The cost of this procedure starts at £850.


Sculpsure is an FDA cleared laser treatment that is non invasive and used for stubborn areas of fat. This is done by light based technology that sends waves to the fat that lies beneath the skin without damaging any dermal tissue. More than one treatment may be required and this will be discussed fully with you during consultation.

Due to the minimal intervention with this treatment the downtime is relatively low. All aftercare procedures should be followed correctly.

(Please be aware that Sculpsure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic)


Using radiofrequency, the Exilis heats the affected area to dissolve fat and helps to tighten the skin. The pulses deliver help to reduce the volume of fat cells and accelerate collagen production, in order to firm the skin and improve the skin’s texture.

Due to this being a non invasive procedure there is no downtime with this treatment. The cost starts from £150.

liposuction cost at phi clinic

By staying on top of the latest advances we are able to provide the best treatments available. The treatments and devices used at PHI Clinic may change over time but all those mentioned within these posts are used at the clinic at the time the post was written. PHI Clinic accepts no liability for the comments in these articles.

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