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Non surgical liposuction treatments

Non surgical liposuction treatments

Many people will consider alternatives to shift the stubborn fatty deposits that are sometimes difficult to eradicate with a healthy diet and exercise. Clients come to PHI often looking for help with those areas not only to remove the unwanted fat cells but also to help with bringing back the natural contour and shape of the body.

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PHI is an accredited clinic that provides various types of non surgical liposuction procedures. When thinking about any procedure it is important to consider all possibilities, what results they will give you and what treatment is best suited to you. PHI will arrange a consultation where a discussion will take place allowing us to offer treatments in order to give you the best results possible for your particular situation.

Many people will understandably not want to undergo surgical procedures for a small amount of fat removal, not only because of the downtime but because of the invasive nature of some of the procedures. PHI is always on top of the new technologies and devices available and are therefore able to provide the best treatments.

Here is a list of various non surgical liposuction treatments:

PHI Clinic is the first UK clinic to be able to offer the revolutionary treatment of Sculpsure. This treatment works by the use of lasers and heat. The heat kills the fat cells permanently, allowing the body to dispose of the waste naturally. The cooling of the applicator head counteracts the heat from the lasers making the treatment as comfortable as possible. This treatment is completed within 25 minutes and has little to no downtime due to the non invasive nature. You may feel slight swelling and tenderness in the areas of treatment. Sculpsure is best suited to smaller areas of fat removal, with results appearing between 6-12 weeks post treatment. (Please be aware that Sculpsure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic)

freezing fat removal

Coolsculpting works by freezing the fatty deposits underneath the skin providing a safe way to remove the unwanted fatty areas. Once again the fat is then removed from the body by natural processes. Liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle coupled with regular exercise. These processes work best when in conjunction with the latter which will not only help provide the best results but will also help in maintaining the required outcome. During the Coolsculpting procedure you may experience some pulling on the treatment area and in addition there may be some swelling and tenderness on the site(s) of treatment once the procedure has been completed. However a normal routine should be resumed relatively quickly.

Exilis uses radio frequency to dissolve the fatty deposits while helping to tighten the skin. The pulses that are sent help to reduce the volume of fat cells while in turn helping the collagen production.

At PHI Clinic we strive to provide you with the best treatments available. We do so by staying on top of all of the latest technological advances so you can be sure that the procedures are conducted with the best chance of success. All treatments and procedures mentioned in these articles were available at the time of publication. PHI takes no responsibility for any comments mentioned in these articles.

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