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Nose Bridge Bump Reduction

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Traditionally, those of us with a pronounced nose bridge bump, also called a dorsal hump, have had to undergo surgery in order to reduce this appearance. This necessity has changed in recent years, with advances in technology and treatments meaning that there is often no need for surgical intervention to achieve an apparently straight nose.

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Nose Bridge Bump Augmentation

In contrast to surgery, which is used to take material away in order to make the nose look smaller, a non-surgical nose job can only add volume. While this may sound counterintuitive, adding volume in the right areas can make the apparent width, size, and length of the nose seem smaller, by changing the balance of the face and profile. This treatment requires advanced knowledge of the anatomy of the face and how to apply injectables to the area.

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Nose Job Practitioners

At PHI Clinic, nose bridge bump reduction is solely performed by our team of injectable doctors, who regularly attend in house and external training to improve their skills, as well as teaching other professionals through our medical director’s facility.

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Dermal Fillers vs Surgery

Many people now are turning to non-surgical alternatives over traditionally surgical procedures like nose bridge bump reduction. While the dermal fillers used are temporary, lasting for up to 24 months, they do present various pros when compared to surgery, including avoiding lengthy downtime, scarring, and potential unwanted side effects like being unable to breathe properly through the nose.

They also offer the opportunity for those who are not ready to go under the knife to see what they might be able to expect from surgery, or as a reasonable alternative to ever undergoing a surgical procedure.

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Nose bridge bump reduction requires a consultation prior to any treatment going ahead. For a non-surgical nose job this would be with one of our injectable doctors, who will assess your face and talk you through your options and expectations. They will then create a bespoke treatment plan that suits your needs, at which point you will be able to book a suitable date and time for treatment. You can book your consultation by contacting us on 0207 034 5999

You can find more information and before and afters on our Instagram, and a nose bridge bump reduction testimonial from a previous patient here.

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