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Nose Job Without Surgery

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There are many people who rock a kinky konk, whether it is afflicted by injury or simply something which one is born with – just look at Owen Wilson and Adrian Brody! But if this look is not your cup of (Darjeeling) tea, there are ways to straighten that schnozz that avoid going under the knife. Yes, that’s a nose job without surgery!

The latest in non-surgical rhinoplasty

It’s astonishing, we know, but a small amount of dermal filler can create the illusion of a straighter nose. Dr Tapan Patel, the Owner and Medical Director of PHI Clinic, demonstrates the most advanced filler techniques, utilising gold-standard products to achieve natural-looking, safe results.

Smooth and sophisticated product

The practitioners at PHI Clinic use the Juvéderm range from Allergan, which are made up of HA; a natural material already existent within the body which helps attract and retain water.

The procedure itself is relatively straight-forward; it starts with the application of some ice to number the area, followed by a few precise injections of the filler to the area. Et voila!

Claudia non surgical nose job

Brides magazine’s Claudia Waterson’s non-surgical rhinoplasty with Dr Tapan Patel at PHI Clinic, London

Quick, not easy

However – and this is a BIG however – it is not easy to carry out. Although treatment may be done in a short period of time, it is paramount that your practitioner knows what they are doing. Not only you should you seek treatment from a medical professional, they should also have substantial experience in performing this specific treatment. Ask your practitioner upfront how many treatments they have performed and how regularly they do so; ask what products are used and request a look at before and afters of their work.

The benefits of a nose job without surgery


The benefits of having a non-surgical rhinoplasty over opting to take the surgical route are plenty. Not only does it eliminate a long downtime period, it also removes the need for anaesthetic and the risk of scarring.

Not only can this advanced non-surgical technique straighten the nose, it can also help reshape it if, say, it has flattened or there is a lot of nostril on show.

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