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So many skincare ranges promise perfect skin, and we can all get caught up in morning creams, night creams, and everything in between. A skincare regime can take over if you let it, and it’s easy to be taken in by flashy brands that don’t deliver the results they claim to achieve. Knowing exactly what your skin’s needs are can become confusing, and finding products that treat conditions effectively can be like trying to understand rocket science. We always want to make the lives of our patients easier at PHI Clinic, and in this vein we have a range of skincare products that can be tailored precisely to the condition you want treated.

“It’s Obagi Nu-derm”

The long list of conditions that can be treated using various Obagi products includes acne, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, face veins, melasma, redness, rosacea, and of course pigmentation. The range of products seems almost impossibly all-encompassing, with a solution to almost every possible problem. The Obagi sun shield protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays, the Obagi 360 brightens skin, and includes retinol to reduces signs of ageing. The Sunfader range is effective at precise targeting of specific spots of discolouration to address pigmentation problems, and is proven effective (read testimonials here).

Responsible for pigmentation, melanocytes are small cells in the skin that produce melanin, which gives freckles and age spots their colour. The hydroquinone in some of the products works to stop melanocytes from producing melanin, acting against conditions like melasma which form during times of hormone fluctuation (e.g. pregnancy, menopause) and present as pigmentation across the face, around the eyes, giving it the nickname “pregnancy mask”.

Book in for a consultation at PHI Clinic to see if Obagi can help with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your profile. You can also reach the clinic on 02070345999, or log an enquiry through the website.

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