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One of a Kind: Bespoke Skincare Tips and Tricks

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One of a Kind: Bespoke Skincare Tips and Tricks

You may have heard that PHI Clinic has a exclusive, bespoke skincare range called UniverSkin. And if you haven’t – where have you been?

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For those who are already using our unique skincare system, look no further, as we have drawn up a list of top skincare tips and tricks.

  1. Good Things Come in 3s – It is recommended by the french geniuses behind UniverSkin that you have a minimum of 3 active ingredients in your serum, for best results.
  2. Read the Label – Our lovely aestheticians will have already consulted you and given you your serum, as well as instructed you on how to use and when to use it. IF you forget, no sweat! We write on all serums the exact instructions, so you can check any time.
  3. Take Our Advice – As with all treatments and skincare regimes, it will only be as effective as you let it be. Think of it like medication; ride it out for its full course to see a tangible result.
  4. Alone Time – We want you to get the results you so desire, so use it as regularly as we have discussed and make sure you use the serum in isolation. Of course washing your face is fine, but this serum is a one-man-band that does not need backup singers, okay?
  5. Storage – No, we’re not asking you to take a little trip to Ikea – just store your serum in a sensible place. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Think: Goldilocks.
  6. Don’t be a Stranger – Not only do we love seeing you, it is also great for us to gauge how your serum has worked for you. We ask that you come in after 6 weeks of using our serum so that we can review, track and potentially adjust your serum if necessary.
  7. Be Wise – Even if you have kept to your skincare regime to the T, it is also important to maintain a good, healthy diet. You should drink lots of water and help your skin out as much as possible. Remember, it is the largest organ but gets nutrients last.

For Those Who Have Not Tried Our Fab Bespoke Skincare:

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PHI Clinic is a multi-award-winning practice, based at 102 Harley Street, London. We are led by the talented and highly-sought-after Dr Tapan Patel, and house the largest selection of treatments in the UK, with a special emphasis on non-surgical therapies.

Our warm, friendly and professional team will make your journey pleasurable and memorable (for all the right reasons) from start to finish. It is our quest to provide excellent patient care and deliver great results.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today on 0207 034 5999, or email us at info@phiclinic.com to secure your skin consultation. We have three highly-trained aestheticians who work throughout the week, and some Saturdays, so we are sure to find something that works for you.

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