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PHI – Lanthropy

PHI – Lanthropy


Having been raised by parents who helped organise free cataract surgery in developing countries, Dr Tapan Patel and his wife, Gudiya, have made it their mission to help others transform their lives.

One of the most pivotal and momentous occasions in Dr Tapan’s career was when he was asked to assist Dr Matteo Clemintoni in treating Katie Piper. Thanks to Katie and her inspirational, ground-breaking work with charities and acid attack survivors, more and more people are aware of this serious issue and the impact both the attack and the treatment has on all those affected. We have gone on to treat many other patients that have unfortunately fallen victim to attacks beyond their control.

"The boy in the wheelchair cannot walk, the boy pushing is blind. One guides while the other pushes. Helping each other and overcoming their difficulties."

"Unable to walk, this young boy will have to mobilise using an improvised board on wheels."

"Teaching compassion from an early age Older children serve lunch to the little ones."

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Helping Schools

In 2001, the Gurajat earthquake impacted some 150,000 people. Both Dr Tapan and Gudiya were visiting India at the time and were able to help set up a relief camp within just a few hours, with the help of local volunteers.

They now both sponsor a school in a remote village in India, where children walk up to 6 miles a day to receive an education.

Your money provides: - Gamru Village School 690x960

Your money provides:

• all books, equipment, materials and stationery for daily lessons.
• food for the daily meal: Rice, dal, vegetables, porridge, potatoes and some fruits.
• all uniform and clothing for the children.
• a small salary for the teachers.
• dental care, First Aid supplies and vitamin supplements.
It also covers the monthly rent of the building, all utilities and maintenance costs as well as
affiliation to the Himachal Pradesh Board of Education and all examination fees.

Charity Fund Raising Ball: 28th October 2017 - Charity ball Invitation 690x960

Charity Fund Raising Ball: 28th October 2017 Dr Tapan and Gudiya invite you to sponsor & attend

The Gamru Village Schools aim is to provide free, high-quality education and care to Indian children who face serious barriers
to education and a low standard of living, regardless of caste, creed, sex or disability.

Our hopes for the future

• To purchase land and build a bigger, better, safer school for our students.
• Extend our curriculum to include 9th and 10th standard classes so our students can stay.
• Offer vocational training courses: e.g. carpentry, electrician courses, plumbing.
Money needed: 45-50 lakh rupees ($100,000-120,000, £60-000-65,000, €62,000-68,000)

Dr Tapan & Treating Burns Patients: Tulsi's Story - PHI_April_2017_066 690x960

Dr Tapan & Treating Burns Patients: Tulsi's Story

“I sustained my burns in a plane crash when I was 10 years old. Having various skin grafts and contracture releases post-accident, some movements were difficult, such as full movement of my left arm due to a tight scar near the shoulder. I also had limited sensation on my face and with the right scars my face did not look symmetrical.

I was introduced to Dr Tapan Patel for a consultation on laser treatment for my scars. I was amazed when he was positive about helping me achieve functionality not only to my face but  my arms too. I now can breathe from my right nostril, as well as feel hot and cold sensations on the right side of my face (the most affected area). I have full range of movement on my right arm which has alleviated a lot of stiffness I used to encounter around the shoulder region…”

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Katie Piper

Katie’s treatment commenced back in 2010, and since then, Dr Tapan Patel has worked closely with her, providing life-changing treatment to victims of scarring.

While Dr Tapan takes pride in all aspects of his work and is spurred on by his patients’ positive results, he finds his pro bono work a particularly rewarding aspect of what he does, and he is committed to help as many people as he can. Many of his patients feed back how hugely impactful treatment has been, and how it helps to improve their quality of life.

‘I have laser treatment with Dr Tapan and find I get a really good result in terms of additional movement to my neck so I feel very optimistic about the next year of treatment and what could be achieved. The clinic looks very professional and the staff always seem really nice when I visit.’  – Katie Piper

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