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dr tapan patel director phi clinic

In addition to their amazing work with every patient that steps through the doors at PHI Clinic, our talented clinicians have a stunning array of philanthropy. Working both nationally and internationally, our team’s pro bono and charity work is nothing short of impressive.

Dr Tapan Patel

With the widest range of philanthropic activities in our clinic, Dr Patel continues to set the bar high for charity and pro bono work. These activities include sponsoring a school in India with his wife, as well as helping to provide relief for those affected by the Gurajat earthquake in 2001. As well as these international efforts, Dr Patel treats burn or scar victims for free, like Tulsi Vagjiani and Katie Piper, who both received laser treatments to improve mobility in areas of concern, and reduce the appearance of scarring.



Mr Apul Parikh - IMG_3221 690x960

Mr Apul Parikh

Mr Parikh has work in deprived areas of East Africa and India, both treating patients and teaching surgeons internationally on how to deliver the best treatments to those who need it.

Jude Dunican

Having worked with Darren Pidgeon, an acid attack victim, Jude is our leading aesthetic nurse, and an exemplary member of our team. Over the course of his treatment, Jude used CO2 Resurfacing, VBeam, and Fractional Resurfacing to improve the appearance of Darren’s scars. For more information about Darren and his journey with PHI Clinic, have a look at the interviews he has done here.

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Philanthropy: Aesthetic Nurses

Our other nurses regularly take over aspects of care for our pro bono and philanthropy work with patients and are always eager to get involved in raising awareness of charities and causes.

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