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Profuse Sweating Treatments

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We have all been in a situation where we are conscious of sweating and the telltale sweat patches appearing under our arms. But for those suffering from hyperhidrosis or profuse sweating, it can be a daily concern.

There are several known triggers for excessive sweating, for instance, environmental conditions, namely heat and humidity. Also, and potentially more unavoidable, it is often initiated by stress, anxiety and emotions.

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Profuse Sweating Understood

Profuse sweating can affect localised areas such as the underarms and palms or the whole body, and often strikes during childhood or puberty. This is known as primary hyperhidrosis. Secondary hyperhidrosis is triggered by other conditions, such as pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, obesity, menopause, and even anxiety. Secondary hyperhidrosis can appear at any age.

The physical and emotional impact of profuse sweating can have consequences on the sufferer, often limiting choices as they often report avoiding situations that may trigger an episode.

Prior to contacting PHI clinic, we always recommend that you see your GP to discuss sweating treatments. These can include prescription-strength antiperspirants and creams, sweat shields, and other similar options. Should these be ineffective, we have two treatments that we can administer to reduce the effects of hyperhidrosis. The first is Botox injections, which offer temporary relief from excessive sweating and are becoming increasingly popular. The last resort for some is to have surgery to remove sweat glands completely, but this is a drastic solution and comes with associated downtime and risks.

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miraDry: The Answer To Profuse Sweating

The other option for treating profuse sweating of the underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis) is the FDA approved miraDry treatment. With miraDry, there are no cuts or incisions and it is therefore a non-invasive outpatient procedure.

The patient has the underarm area numbed for greater comfort and then the handheld miraDry apparatus is applied, where it delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm sweat glands which are eliminated. The procedure takes about an hour, recovery is rapid, and the aftercare is relatively simple. Patients can experience long-lasting results with as little as two sessions spaced 3 months apart.

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Say Goodbye To Profuse Sweating With miraDry

The sweat glands eliminated during the miraDry treatment do not grow back so the results are long-lasting and can be life-changing. You can watch a full miraDry treatment that our expert therapist performed live at the multi-award winning PHI Clinic here.

The experienced and expertly trained therapists at the award-winning PHI Clinic have been using miraDry to combat profuse sweating since 2014 and have witnessed amazing transformations in their patients.

If you suffer from profuse sweating call us at PHI Clinic on 0207 034 5999, and we will invite you for a complementary miraDry consultation and your journey to fresh, dry underarms can begin.

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