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How Quickly Do Lip Fillers Heal?

Lip Fillers Heal treatment london

One of the main questions we are asked by lip enhancement patients is about downtime: how quickly do lip fillers heal? The first thing to consider is that with temporary lip injections, there is no downtime, and you can resume normal activities immediately following treatment.

Most of the people we see at PHI Clinic who show some signs of swelling or bruising report that these effects usually disappear within a few hours. When we talk about healing, we mainly focus on this potential swelling and bruising, and how the filler settles.

Things that can impact how quickly your lip fillers heal - best lip filler treatment london

Things that can impact how quickly your lip fillers heal

There are a number of things that can affect the rate at which lip fillers heal, activities like drinking alcohol and doing strenuous exercise can worsen or prolong any swelling or bruising experienced post-treatment, and so should be avoided for around 48 hours.

While the negative effects of smoking are widely known, it is less common knowledge that it affects how quickly your body metabolises (breaks down) dermal fillers, so if you smoke regularly, be aware that your lip injections may not last as long.

Lip filler products - PHI_April_2017_180 690x960

Lip filler products

The dermal filler we use at PHI Clinic contains a sugar that occurs naturally in skin, hyaluronic acid, that retains water for the appearance of a fuller lip. These are Juvederm products, which we use because of their safety, efficacy, and how long they last, in some cases up to 24 months.

We generally advise that this is an ongoing treatment, and recommend top ups every 12-18 months to maintain the appearance of full lips.

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Patient experience

One of the patients we treated with lip fillers offered her personal experience on the matter (please be aware that this varies from person to person):

I had really thin lips, so I had dermal fillers to introduce volume and get a more defined Cupid’s bow at PHI Clinic. Following treatment, my lips were a bit swollen but I thought it seemed more to do with the anaesthetic in the injections making them numb than the treatment itself. The day after, I had a tiny bruise on my upper lip, but it was so small that nobody noticed it unless I pointed it out. I was really aware of the fillers at first because I could feel the product, but they settled down loads in the first week, and now almost a month later I can barely feel they’re there. I followed my aftercare to the letter, and beyond; I didn’t drink alcohol, do strenuous exercise, or take any aspirin until around a week after, and barely noticed any swelling.”

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Before any treatment, you will have a consultation with a doctor for lip augmentation. Your medical history will be discussed within your consultation, and it is important that you are honest with your doctor so they can gain an understanding of you as a patient, and decide the best treatment plan based on your needs and expectations.

To book a consultation, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999 and one of our friendly team can assist you in creating an appointment.

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