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Reduce Jowls At PHI Clinic

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So many of our patients come to us looking for a treatment to reduce jowls. At PHI, we have several non-surgical treatments that can improve the appearance of this indication, all of which are performed by our highly trained clinicians for safe and effective results.

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Dermal fillers to reduce jowls at PHI

Jowls happen indiscriminately to both men and women, and are simply a natural part of ageing; as the proteins in our skin break down, it becomes lax, and can droop, especially along the jawline, causing the jowling we are all so familiar with. Lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and an unhealthy diet can all play a part in worsening this, by affecting collagen and elastin in the skin.

We use the Juvederm Vycross range of dermal fillers, which contain a synthetic form of the naturally occurring sugar hyaluronic acid, or HA. HA is hydrophilic, meaning that it attracts water, which has a filling effect and, when introduced below the skin in the cheekbones via a needle, replaces lost volume. This revolumising lifts the skin of the face to reduce the appearance of jowling and redefine the contours of the face.

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Skin tightening to reduce jowls at PHI

Ultrasound technology

Ultrasound technology has been used for years for various means, and a more recent one lies within skin tightening. Using targeted bursts of HIFU, or high intensity focussed ultrasound energy, our clinicians can create a ‘controlled wound’ on the skin, which stimulates collagen production in the area for a tightening effect. More than one treatment is usually required, but the number of these cycles will depend on your skin’s individual needs. Devices that use this technology include Ultraformer.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing works similarly to ultrasound technology, in that it aims to improve collagen and elastin in the skin to give a tighter appearance. However, there are many different types of laser resurfacing devices, which use different technologies to achieve the same effects. Which one of these will work best for you is entirely dependent on your individual needs, and therefore we would always need to see you for a consultation to determine this prior to any treatment. We do not offer same day treatment at PHI Clinic.

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get in touch

For more information about how to reduce jowls at PHI Clinic, you can contact us via email at info@phiclinic.com, phone us on 0207 034 5999, or log an enquiry through our website and one of our team members will get in touch at a time that suits you.

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