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How To Reduce Rosacea

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Rosacea is a common skin ailment that many people experience across the globe. Over 45 million people are affected by this skin condition which can bring about symptoms such as redness, blushing, pustules, small visible blood vessels, and raised spots or lumps. Rosacea can emerge both on the face and body but sufferers can find that it usually targets their facial skin.

Even though it is not a life-threatening disorder, rosacea can knock a person’s confidence and self-esteem making it a disorder that certainly shouldn’t be ignored. There are several ways to reduce rosacea, but it’s important to understand the condition first.

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Rosacea Information

Who Does It Affect?

Rosacea is said to affect fair-skinned but may cause problems for all skin types. Typically, people aged 40 to 60 years old have been found to experience rosacea. It is said to be more prevalent in women although men can experience it more severely.

Where Does Rosacea Appear?

Some of the common areas on the body that rosacea’s symptoms can appear on are the cheeks, nose, around the eyes, forehead, and chest. This common skin condition can make a sufferer feel self-conscious and embarrassed, adding to their anxiety and worries, as it can appear in visible areas of the body. As a result, rosacea can impact on a person’s wellbeing – an emotional barrier which we would like to avoid.

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Ways To Reduce Rosacea

The good news is that there are several ways in which the effects of rosacea can be reduced. These could be by making lifestyle changes and identifying environmental factors that could trigger a flare-up. Even though these measures are not intended to be a cure, they are certainly helpful when keeping this skin disorder at bay. Some triggers to look out for include sun exposure, extreme weather, stress, caffeine intake, hot beverages, spicy foods, and alcohol consumption

Be Sun Safe

As we know, the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D providing a natural boost for our immune system and overall wellbeing. However, it also accompanied by its ultraviolet (U.V) rays that can be just as damaging to skin that doesn’t experience rosacea. It is worthwhile to know that avoiding the sun or keeping exposure to a minimum may help avoid an irritated flare-up. It is best to keep the skin feeling cool and calm so avoid prolonged sun exposure. Wearing SPF products to protect the skin against the sun is highly recommended.

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Avoid Extreme Weather

Another rosacea trigger could be hot or cold weather. Extreme temperatures can provoke the skin to break out in an uncomfortable flare-up because of sudden temperature spikes. Avoiding locations that experience peaks and troughs in temperature is advised.

Reduce Stress Levels

Keeping stress at bay is not only a positive step for optimum wellbeing but also a factor that could help reduce rosacea’s unwanted effects. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness are recommended for reducing stress.

Watch Your Food And Drink Intake

Avoiding caffeinated foods and drinks, hot beverages and alcohol (particularly red wine) are amongst some of the things a sufferer should steer clear of as they are known to contribute to rosacea’s effects. Keeping a food diary to note which food or drink is affecting your skin is a good idea in order to track and identify possible triggers.

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Excel V+ Laser Treatment to Reduce Rosacea

At PHI Clinic, one of the newest technologies we can provide to patients who are experiencing rosacea is the aesthetic laser technology, Excel V+.

This fast and simple treatment is intended to give skin a clear, more even look by treating rosacea amongst other skin concerns including age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and spider and reticular veins. The Excel V+ combines two green light lasers to target and eliminate unwanted skin concerns on the face and body. With this unique laser treatment, the colour and depth of the patient’s skin condition are thoroughly examined and the treatment setting is customised accordingly.

Treatment time is reduced, although we recommend it could take up to 30 minutes depending on the severity of the condition. Patients can begin to notice a difference after a series of 1-3 laser sessions, making Excel V+ an effective aesthetic laser treatment choice for rosacea.

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