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How To Reduce Sudden Excessive Sweating

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Sudden excessive sweating can be a real problem at times and although perspiring is your body’s natural cooling mechanism, when it works overtime it can be quite distressing. For many of us, we try to avoid sweating and also make a great effort to conceal it, yet sweating is vital to our health, just as it was for our ancestral relatives.

The ability to perspire while hunting in a hot environment enabled humans to adapt, survive, and become proficient hunter-gatherers. Ritual sweating was also used for therapeutic and cleansing purposes and for spiritual and emotional healing. Celtic vapour baths, North American sweat lodges, and Scandinavian saunas—all traditions from long ago that have been adapted in modern times for their health and healing benefits.

Though sweating is often under appreciated, it’s important to know why we do it. Our skin, which is the largest organ, is essentially our third kidney. Sweat glands help our skin filter toxins out of the body, which in turn boosts our immune system. Sweating also cools our body and maintains proper body temperature. However, when the underlying mechanisms for sweating work overtime and you find yourself experiencing sudden excessive sweating then it may be time to seek help.

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Hyperhidrosis: Sudden Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a part of your autonomic nervous system so it is automatically triggered in response to rising body temperature or when you are feeling nervous. The most common form of sudden excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is called primary focal hyperhidrosis. With this type, the nerves responsible for signalling your sweat glands become overactive, even though they haven’t been triggered by physical activity or a rise in temperature. With stress or nervousness, the problem becomes even worse.

There is no medical cause for this type of hyperhidrosis, although it may have a hereditary component because it often runs in families. Secondary hyperhidrosis occurs when sudden excessive sweating is due to a medical condition and it is much less common.

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miraDry For Excessive Sweating

For people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating, miraDry is a really good treatment option to consider. miraDry is the only procedure that provides long-lasting results without surgery, it is a safe, effective, and, a clinically proven, non-invasive procedure. miraDry works by using electromagnetic energy which is delivered to the skin using a specially designed hand-piece.

The energy is carefully targeted to the area where the sweat glands are found, drawing them up towards the dermis and eliminating them. As only 2% of our sweat glands are found in the armpits, eliminating them won’t affect the overall benefits of sweating but it will ease the often embarrassing situations caused by excessively sweaty armpits.

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Excessive Sweating Treatment Results

Following the treatment, the reduction in sweating is immediate and dramatic; in clinical trials, patients experienced an average 82% reduction in sweat, and over 90% of patients are satisfied with the reduction in both sweat and odour that can be achieved following a miraDry treatment. For most patients the treatment is long-lasting, and only one or two procedures are required to eliminate the sweat glands.

As these sweat glands don’t grow back, the sweating does not return, unlike with temporary treatments such as Botulinum toxin injections or prescription antiperspirants. The procedure is quick and pain-free, with minimal downtime after treatment; side effects after treatment may be minor bruising, discomfort, and swelling but they are generally very short-lived.

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Sweat treatment london

At PHI Clinic, we have treated hundreds of patients for sudden excessive sweating with miraDry, with profound and life-changing results.

For a consultation with one of our highly skilled clinicians please call 02070345999 for more information. You can also find out more about us and our other treatments by following us on social media!

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