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How To Remove Under Eye Bags

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Late nights, ageing and genetics can all cause the skin around the eyes to appear tired which can form the appearance of under eye bags. Whilst there are many home remedies like placing a cold used tea bag under the eyes, to investing in expensive creams to reduce puffiness, these temporary measures only seem to treat the service of the skin.

With the eyes being a pivotal point to the face, many people fear going under the knife from surgical methods to treat eye bags, and therefore explore the middle ground of non-invasive treatment with dermal fillers. 


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Why Do We Get Under Eye Bags?

Genetics can play a big part in how noticeable bags beneath the eyes are, but in most cases there is more than one reason behind this problem, and figuring out what worsens it can go a long way in helping to treat the issue.

Whilst anti-smoking campaigns highlight the effects of breathing in carbon monoxide to the lungs, they fail to highlight the effects this can have on the face, including the eyes. Smoking can dehydrate the skin and when quitting smoking the withdrawal from nicotine can disrupt sleep which can create dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Veins & Allergies
As we age the fat held under the eye begins too thin and becomes weaker. This allows the fat behind to sag or bugle creating the appearance of puffiness and constantly looking tired.These are just a few factors that impact the appearance of our under eye bags but it’s best to source the root of the problem before seeking treatment.

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Treatment For Under Eye Bags

Operations to remove the bags under the eyes have been performed for many years; a surgical procedure in the form of a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty can treat very loose skin or pronounced eye bags but this won’t necessarily be suitable for all patients.

Another option is to treat with hyaluronic dermal fillers in a temporary non-surgical procedure called tear trough treatment. PHI Clinic are dedicated to providing as many treatment options as possible for our patients. This type of procedure should only ever be performed by a highly trained and experienced practitioner, given that the orbital area is very delicate.

With little to no downtime required compared to surgery, non-invasive treatments are ideal for patients looking for a quick fix to treat eye bags. However upon consultation, you will be assessed based on individual concerns to determine a tailored treatment plan to ensure you achieve the best results possible for you.


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