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How To Remove Under Eye Bags

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We have all been there; waking up after a late night, a face in the mirror staring back at us with puffy eyes. After a day of walking around with dark under eye bags, looking as tired as we feel, we swear to ourselves that we’ll never again go to bed that late again on a school night – ever.

Tear Trough performed at PHI Clinic London

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under eye bags images
(non surgical under eye bags treatment performed at PHI Clinic by Dr Tapan Patel)

How and why do we develop under eye bags?

Obviously, tiredness is a major reason for developing under eye bags and dark circles underneath the eyes, otherwise known as ‘tear troughs’, but there are other contributing factors – why do some people have bags under their eyes constantly whilst others seem to look fresh on little to no sleep? Well, the number one reason is ageing. As we age, our skin becomes even thinner and looser under the eyes, allowing fluid to collect, thus giving a puffy-eyed appearance.

Veins underneath the skin can become more visible when the skin thins, and this can often create a darker appearance underneath the eye. Another reason that fluid can collect beneath the eyes is our sleep position; if we lie horizontal this tends to happen as well as the dilation of veins under our eyes. These veins travel and drain into the nose; allergies and nasal congestion can also cause the veins to dilate – giving a darker appearance of the skin.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are very common with allergies. Sometimes we can just be unfortunate with genetics; dark circles and bags underneath the eyes are often inherited. It’s always sensible not to dismiss any possible factors for under eye bags though, as puffy eyes can be the first sign of fluid retention due to a medical problem such as kidney or liver disease; make sure you consult your doctor if you have swelling underneath the eyes that does not seem to improve.

What are the options to remove bags underneath the eyes?

 There are two effective options for the removal of bags underneath the eyes; dermal fillers or eye bag removal surgery.

Fillers are the favourable option for some who do not have the funds or the downtime needed for surgery, or they are also a temporary solution for those who may not feel ready or might be hesitant about going under-the-knife. Fillers are the non-surgical eye bag (tear trough) removal that we offer at PHI Clinic; this procedure is extremely popular and we are delighted that our patients benefit from this treatment immensely. Not only does it have a high satisfaction rate and an enormous ‘wow factor’, the procedure also only takes about 10 minutes long and can last up to 24 months.

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