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Rudolph the Red Nose? No, Dear!

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Handkerchiefs at the ready

Alas, the wintery weather not only brings out coats, mittens and Kevin McCallister-style bobble hats; it also brings out the handkerchiefs and a bright red nose.

When blowing your nose, not only are you making the area raw and sensitive, you are also damaging and breaking the tiny capillaries. This means that even when your cold goes you may still resemble Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Causes of rosacea

Other reasons for redness or rosacea in the skin include diet, exercise, alcohol and caffeine, hot drinks, sunlight and stress. It affects over 45million people worldwide, and can occur in skin types 1-6.

Rosacea can take many different forms; spots, pustules, raised lumps or small, visible blood vessels. While it is not life-threatening, it mostly affects the face, and can thus make those who have it quite self-conscious.

VBeam treatment for rosacea

Primarily used to target redness and rosacea, the VBeam laser delivers long pulses of heat energy to the treated area, cauterising veins and coagulating the blood. A typical patient is looking at roughly 6 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart, but this is entirely dependent on the individual and their specific requirements. This can be discussed in a consultation with one of our highly trained aesthetic therapists, who can create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs, budget, and availability for downtime.

SkinCeuticals’ Redness Neutraliser

We also advise patients who have slight redness to try the SkinCeuticalsRedness Neutraliser: a lightweight, soothing gel that acts as a protecting barrier against environmental triggers which can inflame the skin.

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

For those seeking a quick cover-up, PHI offers Oxygentix Breathable Foundation. Yellow-based foundations, in particular, are great to neutralise any redness in the skin.

The only red you see this winter should be Christmas baubles, robin breasts and Santa costumes. If you agree, call 0207 034 5999 to book in your consultation today.

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