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Skin Tightening Or Loose Skin Surgery

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When you have worked hard to shift those extra pounds, but your weight loss has left you with areas of saggy skin, or you start to notice that as you are ageing the skin isn’t springing back like it used to and has taken on slack and crepey appearance, then maybe its time to consider skin tightening or loose skin surgery.

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Pros And Cons Of Loose Skin Surgery

If you have loose skin it can adversely affect your confidence but before deciding the best course of action, it is advisable to weigh up the options available to you, of which there are plenty. When patients lose a significant amount of weight, they are likely to have excess skin, especially in older people or those that have carried extra weight for a considerable time.

Think of your skin as being like a balloon; initially, the rubber is tight and elastic, but after several days of being filled with air, the rubber stretches, loses its elasticity, and becomes loose and saggy when deflated. This is similar to what happens to your skin after dramatic weight loss. Although our skin has a natural elasticity, that elasticity is lost after being stretched for several years.

Not everyone is the same, however, and some people find that they lose a significant amount of weight but have very little loose skin, while others may have more. Of course, other factors will determine the amount of loose skin that remains, such as your genetics, sun exposure, free radicals, age, and how long you were overweight, amongst other factors.

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The Pros of Loose Skin Surgery

Less Pain
When a dramatic amount of weight is lost quickly carrying around pounds of excess skin in the front of the abdomen can become painful over time and the extra weight may cause back pain.

Improved Mobility
The most common area for excess skin is in the abdominal/stomach region as most of your weight was likely carried here, as the abdominal skin has a large capacity to stretch. Removing the skin can improve mobility and make movement more comfortable.

Better Hygiene
Patients who have a lot of excess skin, especially around the abdomen, may find it hard to clean within the creases. Bacteria can multiply in these areas, which increases the risk of infections and rashes.

More Self Confidence
When people begin their weight loss journey, they are often very excited about the prospect of losing a significant amount of weight and achieving their dream body. However, when they are left with unsightly areas of slack skin it can greatly affect their confidence. By removing this excess skin, patients will feel more confident in their bodies and are likely to become more re-engaged in social activities.

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Cons of Loose Skin Surgery

It’s Expensive
Excess skin surgery can be pricey when done as a cosmetic procedure, and as the end result can not be guaranteed for many the outlay may not be worth the result.

Surgical Risks
Like all surgical procedures, excess skin surgery does come with risks, the most notable one being the risk of wound-related complications such as infections, seromas, or hematomas. Because the surgeon makes a large incision to remove the excess skin, the blood supply is compromised and may result in poor healing and potential wound breakdown. Also, many people do not want to have a general anaesthetic as this can have negative effects on health and recovery.

Recovery Is Painful

As mentioned above, the surgeon must make a large incision to remove the excess skin. This means a more prolonged and possibly more painful recovery.

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Your Loose Skin Consulation

It is always important to weigh up the pros and cons when embarking on any treatment, and we always advise you do your research first. You can use TrustPilot and Google reviews to learn more about a clinic or clinician, and always ask to see previous results when seeking treatments.

At PHI Clinic, we pride ourselves on ensuring patient safety and always require 24 hours between consultation and treatment so every patient has the chance to consider the information given to them in the initial appointment. We’re not ‘yes men’ either; if our doctors or nurses feel you don’t need treatment then we’ll recommend that you don’t have it.

Book a consultation with one of our skilled clinicians by calling us on 02070345999 now, or find out more via info@phiclinic.com. You can also follow us on social media to see previous results from our treatments as well as learn more about everything we offer at PHI Clinic.

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