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Skin Tightening Special – BTL Exilis

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Sagging skin, anywhere on the body, is one of the most obvious signs of ageing, that affects both men and women. It occurs due to the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin, vital proteins in the skin that keep skin flexible and firm.

Sagging skin contributes to fine lines and wrinkles, and can cause a loss of confidence in even the most self-assured of people. At PHI Clinic, we have a range of devices that we use to address these concerns, including the BTL Exilis by BTL Aesthetics.

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Reduce Skin Laxity with Radio-Frequency

BTL Exilis is the first device to use a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound technology for reducing skin laxity as well as addressing general body concerns in one effective, clinically proven treatment. This short treatment stimulates collagen production as part of the continued healing process, leaving you with tighter, stronger skin.

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Proven Tightening Results In Men And Women

Skin tightening delivers proven results in men and women alike, stimulating lipolysis (fat breakdown) through controlled heating of the area of concern. Energy is monitored throughout the treatment to ensure the power used is perfect for your condition while cooling systems keep the top layer of skin safe.

Discomfort is minimal, and, thanks to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, normal activities can usually be resumed immediately following treatment. Some redness or swelling can occur after therapy, but these do not normally last very long, and are much more uncommon when being treated by an experienced practitioner.

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