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Getting You Ready For The Summer Season

Getting You Ready For The Summer Season | PHI Clinic

With the summer season on the horizon, we can begin to look forward to later nights, feeling the sun on our skin and getting together with family and friends, but how can you get ready for this summer season with PHI Clinic?

We’ve spent the past few months cosy indoors, hiding under baggy clothing and maybe even binge watching Bridgerton! But now it’s time to start thinking about Summer 2022.

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There are many perks to the cold and in this case, CoolSculpting uses fat freezing technology to target stubborn pockets of fat underneath the skin. Cryolipolysis is the process of applying controlled cooling to unwanted fatty deposits beneath the skin, providing safe and effective body sculpting and fat reduction.
Fat freezing targets concerns of stubborn abdominal fat, bingo wings, love handles, upper arms and bra fat, to target and eliminate fat cells which then naturally leave the body.

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We’ve all tried a fad diet in our time to help shift those pounds just in time for the summer season. But the Dimagra weight loss plan; it helps you to lose weight quickly but safely by reducing fat mass and toning the body without affecting muscle mass. Patients can lose as much as 8-10% of body weight on a 21 day course, transforming the silhouette with a significant reduction in inches.

The first step lasts 21 days and consists of an intake of a specific amount of proteins, almost total elimination of carbohydrates, and reduced lipids (fat). There is also a maintenance plan which is less intensive and lasts 42 days.

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Body Ballancer

A course of Body Ballancer massages can reduce the appearance of cellulite, firming, smoothing and toning skin, and reducing volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and legs that are most commonly affected by fluid retention. And here at PHI Clinic, you can upgrade some of your skin care treatments to include a Body Ballancer treatment, rejuvenating you from head to toe.

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PHI Clinic London

Get ready for the summer season with the help of PHI Clinic. A healthy diet and balanced lifestyle can only seem to get you so far and with our array of devices, let PHI Clinic help you this season.

To book a consultation call us weekdays on 0207 034 5999, or get in touch via our contact page. Equally follow us on social media to see what incredible transformations and treatments we have to offer.

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