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Do I Need Surgery For Excess Skin?


We have a large amount of patients that visit PHI Clinic due to excess skin issues. Excess skin comes in many formats, so in answer to the title question, yes, possibly. However, the latest advances in cosmetic treatments have been able to show good results with non-surgical alternatives in patients that may be experiencing slight sagging in areas of the body, and around the face, including the jowl area.

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non-surgical skin tightening

Our recommendation would be that if patients have undergone extreme weight loss and, due to that, are experiencing considerable excess skin in the abdominal area, it may be that the only solution would be a surgical form of abdominoplasty (a tummy tuck). It would take many non-surgical treatments to provide the type of result that these patients are looking for, and therefore, we would recommend the most cost- and time-effective solution would be surgical abdominoplasty.

We would not, could not, and have not ever claimed that we could replace surgical intervention, however, with the right candidate, non-surgical skin tightening for excess skin can be extremely effective.

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treat excessive skin

The areas in which we feel we can successfully treat excessive skin would be in the facial area, the jowls. Patients moving into their mid 30s and early 40s may start to experience some volume loss, which, combined with loss of elasticity and reduced collagen production as we age, may result in the need for non-surgical intervention.

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non-surgical interventions

At PHI Clinic, we house the largest collection of non-surgical interventions and can treat excess skin with this. Our two preferred technologies would be High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and needle-based radiofrequency. Both of these treatments could prove very effective for the right candidate but it is important that you undergo a mandatory consultation wherein we can assess the skin and give you a realistic idea of what outcome you can expect from treatment.

This is also a great time to discuss cost implications and ensure that the treatment plan we set out for you is in keeping with your budget, your suitability, and your availability for downtime.

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Do non-surgical skin tightening treatments hurt?

Skin tightening treatments here at PHI Clinic are very bearable – pain is subjective, and we would say that if a patient, for any reason, feels nervous prior to undergoing a treatment such as this, we can recommend specific medications that may make the treatment more bearable. Please speak with your clinician at consultation for this.

What are the prices associated with treatments for excess skin? - forehead wrinkles

What are the prices associated with treatments for excess skin?

Depending upon the treatment we are providing, costs can range from £500 to £3995. It is important that the treatment we provide for you is correct, and this will all be discussed as part of your consultation.

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