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Why Don’t We Talk About Male Body Image?

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We tend to start the new year by setting out new year’s resolutions with goals and achievements to be completed by the end of the year, with many resolutions involving body image. Whether that’s to lose or gain weight, in a world consumed by social media we are told how to look and what suits our body shape best. However, this creates self conscious concerns not only for women but for the male body image also.

A study published by Psychology of Men and Masculinity found that men who viewed images of other physically fit men tend to perceive themselves as weaker and less attractive. However, whilst aiming to mirror a Hemsworth brother may be preferred by some, the real question is, is this ideology healthy or even achievable?

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Is Body Image Important?

The battle between the dad bod and Greek god has continued for many years, with the media praising the chiselled physique as opposed to criticising the less defined body shape. What impact does this have on men and what exactly is the ‘perfect’ body shape?

The term ‘dad bod’ refers to the ideology of men ‘letting themselves go’ by storing fat around the stomach or hips once they have had children and have settled in life, suggesting there is no need to focus on their male body image. Hollywood ideals have been dragged through the media for a fluctuation in weight with the likes of Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio supposedly adopting a dad bod in between filming.

According to Men’s Health magazine, 33% of women are more attracted to the face, with only 3% of women considering the abdominal area. Therefore, whilst the Greek god bod is depicted as ideal to some, this isn’t a make or break factor for all.

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Health vs Appearance

Whilst the state of the country’s well-being is left in the hands of Joe Wicks and his daily workouts, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same applies to gaining washboard abs.

Some have adopted crazy lifestyle changes, from cutting out a particular food group to extreme and unsafe measures of dehydrating the body to avoid the appearance of water weight. By focusing upon the outer appearance, some neglect the internal mental effect this has on men who should focus on their health.

“Mindsets are powerful! How we view things influences our habits. For many people, exercise has a negative connotation. It invokes feelings of enforced punishment or a penalty to be paid for overindulgence. And yet it remains one of the most powerful tools we possess to control our lives.” – Dr Tapan Patel

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PHI Clinic London

At PHI Clinic London, we only have your best interests at heart, which is why we understand that concerns around body image may be an issue for some. If you are seeking fat-freezing treatment with CoolSculpting or body contouring and muscle toning with TruSculpt, get in touch to book a consultation.

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