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A Guide to Tattoo Removal London

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Tattoo removal in London is extremely competitive, with many clinics and tattoo parlours providing this treatment. With this in mind, it is important to understand which clinics provide safe, effective treatment, who will be performing the treatment and what device will be used.

Here are the top 5 tips for tattoo removal London.

1.) See a clinician who is appropriately trained and who has performed treatments regularly.

While it is true that a lot of practices provide this treatment, not all of those administering the treatment would have been fully trained in laser therapy or would have experience in carrying out tattoo removal. Ask about the clinician’s accreditation before booking in and for examples of their work.


2.) Go to a reputable clinic

No clinic or practice should over-promise about the results that can be achieved. It is important to be realistic about results, but also feel comfortable with the information that is being given to you by the clinic. With any laser treatment, there are some associated risks, such as increased photosensitivity and susceptibility to burns. If you go to a reputable clinic, they will make sure all is done to avoid this, but should it happen, they will offer and provide thorough aftercare to make sure the issue is rectified.

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3.) Get a patch test prior to treatment

It is important to not only have a thorough consultation before treatment, but to also have a patch test at least 4-6 weeks before treatment. This eradicates any risk of using the wrong settings, or of patients experiencing adverse reactions to the laser. Not only will you see the clinician who will perform the treatment for a personal, tailored consultation, you will also have a patch test upon the initial assessment.

4.) Ask questions about the device

Tattoo removal has been around for many years, but technologies are constantly changing and adapting. The Picoway device from Syneron Candela is the most powerful device available, delivering highly-effective results within a shorter time frame to other, traditional devices.


5.) Be realistic

Some tattoos are more stubborn than others. It depends on colour, size and age. You will need a course of treatment to see a significant result, and a realistic time frame will be provided by the clinician upon consultation.

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