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Temporary Lip Fillers

temporary lip fillers

One of the most popular treatments that we have performed at PHI clinic for many years is temporary lip fillers. This treatment has actually been around for quite a long time, but worldwide we have seen a 70% increase in lip filler enquires in the last year, and reports show that lip enhancements are in the top 5 procedures now performed in the UK.

In years past, when performing non-surgical lip enhancements, we used to inject collagen into the lip area. Now, we use something called an (HA) which is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable for lips to add volume.

Natural Temporary Lip Fillers


The reason lip fillers are known as ‘temporary’ is because they tend to last between 8 to 24 months depending upon the product that is used and the individual who is having the treatment. No patient is the same, but we all naturally break down HA over time.

HA (the product injected into the lip), is found naturally within the body; however, the difference between our HA based fillers are that these are made synthetically in the lab. They are very safe if performed correctly by a highly qualified practitioner, and work by retaining water in the area, which in turn adds the proportion of volume that the patient desires.

PHI Clinic’s approach to lip enhancement

There are many types of result that a patient might be looking for, so I would like to take some time to highlight how PHI like to approach this treatment for our patients.

As with all of the treatments performed at PHI Cosmetic Clinic, we aim for subtle, natural results that enable the patient to still maintain expression within specific areas, and for their friends and family to not ask the question: “Oh my goodness -what have you had done?”

In fact, we would like our patients’ friends and family members to not quite be able to put the finger on exactly what has changed. This is indeed the case when we look at temporary lip fillers. Subtlety is key, examining the proportions of both the upper and lower lip in conjunction with other features on the face enables us to create a natural enhancement for the patient.

Some patients are astounded at the fact that other features are even considered when addressing this indication. However, at PHI, this approach formulates the mandatory consultation process, and ensures that we have a long list of very happy patients.

Please see the photographs below of a patient in her mid to late 20s, who came to us requesting lip filler treatment. This treatment was performed by Dr Tapan Patel our clinic in London, Harley Street. As you can see, the subtle enhancement of the upper lip in conjunction with the lower creates a much more natural, well-rounded result for the patient.


If you are considering temporary lip fillers in the future, there are a few key things that we would like you to consider when doing your research. Is the practitioner providing the treatment for you indeed a doctor? Or a nurse, or a beautician?

This is a very key question – the only people who should really be performing a procedure would be that of a doctor, surgeon, nurse or potentially a dentist, but all of the above must’ve had adequate training to enable them to perform this procedure in order to meet or exceed your expectations. This comes with training, and so always check qualifications and find out how many of the same procedures they have performed. Ask to see before and after images of this treatment performed by this practitioner; this should usually give you a great indication of their skill set. Is the clinic covered by the CQC (Care Quality Commission)? This is OFSTED to clinics, and if they achieve the safety requirements of the CQC, along with our other points, then you stand a very good chance of receiving a good treatment.

So, once again, if you are considering cosmetic treatment please contact us at PHI Clinic on 0207 034 5999, and we can book you in for your no obligation consultation.

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