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Top 4 US-themed Treatments to Celebrate the 4th of July

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To help celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, we are listing some of our top US-themed treatments:

1. miraDry

Aimed to target hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), miraDry is a revolutionary treatment from the US that uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate sweat glands. As sweat glands do not regenerate, results are lasting and the typical patient may only require one or two sessions of treatment.

2. Botulinum toxin

US company, Allergan, is the leading company to supply botulinum toxin. Its brand of the toxin is better known as Botox®, and it is this superior product that we use at PHI. It is an extremely popular treatment in the US, with over 4 million patients undergoing treatment per year. Botox relaxes the facial muscles to prevent deep lines and wrinkles.

3. Cellfina

This cellulite-busting procedure, Cellfina, is an absolute wonder! A small needle is introduced under the skin and targets the septae between fatty deposits. The septae, which cause cellulite and this ‘cottage cheese’ effect, is then snipped, which reduces the appearance of dimpling on the legs and buttocks.

4. Obagi

Obagi produce medicated products with active ingredients that help target a variety of issues, such as acne, ageing, dehydration and skin imperfections. Our expertly trained staff personalise a prescription tailored precisely to your individual skin needs

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