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The Oscars: Our All-Star Treatments at PHI Clinic

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PHI at The Oscars – Worthy Performers

Hollywood may have its fair share of star players on the big screen, but PHI Clinic has some real-life, stellar performers, worthy of the Oscars!

So in celebration of the Oscars, here at PHI Clinic, London, we are holding our own awards…for our devices and treatments!


Best performer goes to…


Using radio frequency and micro-needles to promote collagen production, tighten skin and remove deep lines and wrinkles, this dreamboat will have you weak at the knees with the outstanding performances it gives.


Best all-rounder goes to…

The PHI 360

This is an all-encompassing treatment which demonstrates all sorts of moves, delivering everything from skin retexturing to redness-busting results.

This baby will leave you feeling like a million dollars, and ready for the red carpet!


Best supporting role goes to…


Although redness, broken thread veins and capillaries are issues for many, they are perhaps overlooked when targeting skin conditions and problem areas. This little sweetheart of a device might not be a leading lady, but it sure does wonders, complimenting a wide range of other devices and procedures to give your skin an even, uniformed tone.


Best visual effects goes to…

The 8 Point Lift

Dr Tapan does to the face what CGI does to a blockbuster. Enhancing, finely-tuning and bringing a little bit of magic, Dr Patel injects precise points of the face to lift, rejuvenate and restore structure. Dermal filler is used to restore lost volume and the visual effects are astounding! Filler can be used to augment the lips, enhance the cheekbones, reduce the appearance of lines, define the jaw, and more!

Where can you find PHI Clinic

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