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Things To Consider When Seeking A Non Surgical Consultation

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A cosmetic non surgical consultations, or the wait leading up to it, can be stressful, so to make it even a little bit easier we have our guidelines for a less stressed you.


Find out everything you can about the clinic you’re visiting, and the options they have for the treatment of your condition. If you are after a certain procedure, check the background of the clinician that will treat you and how much experience they have. Don’t be fooled by low prices and deals that seem too good to be true, as they usually are; the results you get will reflect the price tag, and clinics who undercharge may use substandard products that will do more harm than good.


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Check reviews on websites like trustpilot and realself for the clinic, clinician, and procedure to see other people’s experiences, and try to find photosets of before and after pictures for the results of treatment. This will help you form a set of realistic expectations that you can communicate during your consultation.


While you research and form your expectations for treatment, keep a list of questions or worries you might have, so you can talk through them during your consultation. As well as being helpful for your clinician, it means you won’t forget anything important, and you can get the best out of your consult.


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Remember: your clinician will have heard everything before, so it’s important that you are really clear in expressing your expectation, and answer any questions you are asked honestly. This ensures you get the perfect treatment for your condition and achieve the results you are looking for.

Consultation info – fees, time, when to arrive – double check confirmation
When you book your consultation, you should always check 4 things;

  1. What time is the consultation?
  2. What time should you arrive?
  3. Is there anything you should avoid before treatment? (e.g. makeup, face cream, caffeine, smoking, etc.)
  4. Is there anything you should do before treatment? (e.g. take off makeup, drink plenty of water, etc.)

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