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Can I Treat A Weak Jawline

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The connotations of a strong jawline have been perceived through the media as an attractive feature for both men and women, with some people seeking treatment to correct a weak jawline. Whilst this doesn’t affect your eating, speech or smile, it may create lowered self-confidence or self consciousness.

Typically, clinics may have seen female patients seeking a more defined lower face, however, in recent times many practitioners have noticed an increase in the number of men seeking treatment. Popular procedures for men include chin and jawline fillers to enhance, or masculinise, the lower face.

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What Causes A Weak Jawline?

In some cases, a weak jawline may be a result of a weak chin, commonly caused by a genetic trait passed down by parents or other factors like ageing, an overbite, or even thumb-sucking. Ultimately, these factors impact the shape and definition of the jawline, with the shape of the jawbone changing over time.

Can You Fix A Weak Jawline?

Whilst the market is full of solutions promoting products to exercise the lower jawline, a weak chin is determined by bone and soft tissue, not muscles. There are a number of surgical options available such as liposuction to the neck and chin augmentation through implants, to create a permanent solution to create a defined jawline.

However, with most surgical procedures, a considerable amount of downtime is required as the body takes its time to heal. By contrast, jawline augmentation with filler has no associated downtime and results are visible immediately.

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What Non-Surgical Procedure Can Treat A Weak Jawline?

Dermal fillers consist of a soft gel that is injected beneath the surface of the skin to enhance the appearance of the jawline by restoring volume and structure to the face. At PHI Clinic, we use Juvederm Vycross products, which have a proven safety profile.

In particular, Juvederm Volux is the thickest gel amongst the Vycross range, and we tend to use this in order to create definition in the lower face. Whilst not being a permanent solution for a defined jawline, Volux is a long-lasting filler with clinically proven results lasting up from 18-24 months.



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Jawline consultation


Dr Tapan Patel is highly regarded as one of the best injectors within the UK as Dr Tapan provides in house training to his peers and colleagues at PHI Clinic London, to ensure training is maintained at a high standard.

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