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What are the first visual signs of cellulite?

Many of us will get cellulite at some point in our lives. Women are the most likely; ninety percent of women will get cellulite. Cellulite tends to first appear once one has reached adolescence. Unlike acne, cellulite is unfortunately not just due to a hormonal change that occurs and is more than a passing phase for most of us. It has been said that cellulite is very similar to stretch marks, but it does tend to appear in older women more so than the younger generations. The first symptoms of cellulite will most probably be a small series of bumps or dimply skin in one particular area. Cellulite is small deposits of fat that are found just under the skin and build up in the cells; this is what causes the bumpy, dimpled appearance. You will probably notice after the initial appearance of cellulite that the fat tends to build and push up underneath the skin, increasing the dimply appearance, sometimes referred to as ‘cottage cheese’ because of the bumpy look. 

See a consultant or doctor for an assessment

If you are uncomfortable with your cellulite and are considering treatment, the first step to take is to get a full assessment of your cellulite from a professional. This will determine what type of grade and variation your cellulite falls under, and thus suggests what kind of treatment will be best for you to achieve optimum results.

Grade 3 celuliteGrade 2 Celulitegrade 1 cellulite

Cellulaze – the most advanced treatment for cellulite

Cellulaze is a laser by Cynosure. It is the world’s most advanced, FDA-cleared procedure for the removal of cellulite. It works by targeting the structural issues below the skin that cause the main features of cellulite, and is the only known treatment to accurately address these issues. Mr Hassan Shabaan, a Laser Plastic Surgeon at PHI Clinic, was the first surgeon to introduce Cellulaze to the UK in 2011. Since then results have been consistently great, and Cellulaze has become a procedure with consistently high patient satisfaction.

Treatment for Cellulite in London

For more information on treatment for cellulite in London using Cellulaze, or for a full assessment and consultation then come and see Mr Shabaan at PHI Clinic. PHI Clinic is a beautiful clinic set over four excellent floors and located at 102, Harley Street. PHI Clinic offers Cellulaze treatment exclusively in London.

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