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FDA-approved and minimally-invasive, Cellfina UK is a revolutionary treatment that targets the primary structural cause of cellulite, providing results that may last up to three years, the longest duration for results delivered by any FDA-backed technology. The connective bands woven between fatty deposits, also known as septae, are the cause for this ‘cottage cheese’ dimpling effect, as they pull down on the skin’s surface.

As the treatment is minimally-invasive, there is little downtime and no stitches are required. Patients can continue with their day shortly after their session at PHI Clinic.

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Technical Information

Cellfina works as a controlled subcision technique in which the suction headpiece is used to grip the treated area, skin and fat into the applicator. It is this applicator that stretches the fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface, allowing for a subcision tool to precisely intersect the bands at 6 or 10mm.

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Conditions treated with Cellfina

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of time spent in the treatment chair and the number of treatments required will vary, depending on the number of areas targeted and the severity of the indication. We will advise each and every patient on an individual basis and draw up a bespoke treatment plan. Patients may reap the benefits of treatment for up to 3 years.

The ideal candidate will have areas of unwanted cellulite they wish to tackle. While there are no medical trials that state Cellfina is harmful to those who are pregnant or lactating, we advise against treatment under such circumstances to ensure both mother and baby are safe.

PHI Clinic has a team of expert clinical staff who will determine the best treatment for you upon consultation. You will be assigned to the most appropriate clinician, based on your presented concern. Mr Apul Parikh has a particular interest in performing this treatment.

The most common areas we treat with Cellfina are the buttocks, thighs and legs. We will always consult you prior to treatment to ensure this is the best and most suitable treatment option for you. With over 40 lasers and non-surgical devices under one roof, rest assured we can treat a whole range of conditions and concerns at PHI Clinic.

The treated area may remain numb for some hours after treatment, as local anaesthesia will be applied beforehand. Patients can resume their normal day-to- day activities, but we do ask those undergoing Cellfina treatment to avoid over-exertion, like the gym or strenuous exercise for the first 48 hours.

The price for Cellfina treatments start from: £4000

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Before and after Cellfina treatment

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