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With less wrinkles, more lift and no needles in sight, the EMFACE works both superficially on the surface of the skin and within the facial muscles themselves.

By emitting both synchronised RF and HIFESTM energies, this simultaneously affects the skin and muscles resulting in less wrinkles and focusing on the facial structure and contouring in just a 20 minute treatment!

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Technical Information

EMFACE utilises synchronised radio-frequency (RF) and HIFES-brand energies to provide a comprehensive treatment. The RF heats up the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal tissues uniformly, while HIFES™ stimulation delivers numerous pulses in each session to contract the facial muscles gently, resulting in a lifted, toned, and strengthened appearance.

The treatment is time-efficient, lasting only 20 minutes, making it ideal for a quick lunch break. Unlike extensive facial surgery, EMFACE has no downtime, and there’s no need for at-home recovery, stitches, compression masks, or dressings. A course of treatment is suggested, and the number of sessions needed can be discussed during an obligation-free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

EMFACE is an excellent option for those looking to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, as well as improve skin tone, texture, collagen and elasticity. Treatment is quick, painless and requires no downtime.

The EMFACE applicators are designed to be placed on the forehead and cheeks, resulting in an enhanced overall facial appearance. The impact of EMFACE is observable in the appearance of the entire face.

The EMFACE process is uncomplicated and straightforward, requiring no pre or post-preparation other than a clean face. You’ll recline while the applicators are positioned on the treatment areas for 20 minutes, experiencing muscle contractions and a warming sensation comparable to hot stone massage. After the procedure, you can promptly return to your daily activities.

If you desire fewer wrinkles and a more lifted appearance, EMFACE may be an appropriate option for you. But the right treatment for you, will be discussed and tailored to you upon consultation with one of our PHI Clinic clinicians.

The EMFACE procedure is a straightforward and hassle-free process, necessitating only facial cleansing without any pre or post-preparation. You’ll recline while the applicators are placed on the treatment areas for 20 minutes, experiencing gentle muscle contractions and a warming sensation that resembles a hot stone massage. After the treatment, you can resume your daily routine right away.

Tangible outcomes are evident immediately after each treatment, with the best outcomes typically observed around 90 days after the final session. Improvement continues for several weeks following the procedure.

EMFACE is a non-invasive procedure that requires no recovery or downtime.

EMFACE and facelifts cannot be equated, as EMFACE is an entirely non-invasive treatment that does not necessitate surgery, needles, anesthesia, or any recovery time. No other aesthetic equipment combines synchronized RF with HIFES muscle stimulation in four 20-minute sessions to reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours.

The EMFACE treatment is advantageous for everyone. It not only targets visible facial wrinkles but also treats deep facial skin layers and specific muscles, making it a potential preventive measure.

Receiving injectables does not preclude you from undergoing EMFACE. To create the appropriate treatment plan for you, speak with your provider.


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