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Jawline Slimming

Jawline Slimming


A wide jaw can be a symbol of masculinity, which can cause problems for some women when they are concerned about wanting to appear more feminine. Wide, or square, jaws can be caused by an overactive masseter muscle, used when chewing. Bruxism, or grinding teeth (consciously or subconsciously during sleep) can cause your masseter muscle to grow in size, leading to a heavier-set jaw.

To find out whether jawline slimming is the right treatment for you, book a no obligation consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians today.

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Highly Experienced Practitioners

PHI Clinics’ Jawline Slimming procedures have garnered great reviews from our patients, and to continue down this road we conduct regular doctor training days where our experts share their experiences and knowledge to offer better services to our customers.

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Technical Information

In the quest for a softer, more heart-shaped face, our jawline slimming treatment is perfect. At PHI Clinic, we use controlled amounts of Botulinum Toxin type A to perform a variety of treatments, including reduction of frown lines and jawline slimming. This is a safe, clinically proven alternative to invasive surgery. This temporarily and precisely relaxes the overworked masseter muscle to ensure a less wide silhouette, with a redefined contour.

We pride ourselves on our natural looking results, and use Botox® by Allergan to achieve these. As this is only a temporary treatment, we recommend that you have top ups regularly to ensure the continuity of the smooth appearance. This treatment only takes 20 minutes, and can last for up to 4 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One session is enough to notice a difference, but we see this as an ongoing treatment, so it should be topped up every few months.

A wide jaw caused by an overactive masseter muscle is treatable, whereas a wide jawbone is not, and may require a more invasive procedure.

Dr Tapan Patel or one of his specially selected team of doctors will perform this treatment for you.

Side effects for this treatment can include swelling and redness, but any concerns you have should be raised with your assigned clinician in your initial patient consultation.

The price for Jawline Slimming treatments start from: £595

Speak to our team today to book your consultation.

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Jawline Slimming

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