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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement


Far from the exaggerated look you see plastered over the tabloids, PHI Clinic provides subtle, natural-looking dermal lip fillers to enhance each individual’s features and introduce volume to the lip area.

At PHI, we use the most advanced range of dermal fillers from Allergan which is Juvederm  Volbella®, specifically designed for lip enhancement. Unlike traditional fillers, Volbella is silky and soft, meaning results are much more discrete and realistic.

Volbella also contains lidocaine, meaning the treated area is numbed simultaneously during treatment, improving the patient experience.

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Technical Information

Lip injections results can last up to 12 months. You will see an immediate result after visiting our London clinic for lip enhancement however, it will not be your final result. Optimum results will be see after a few weeks as the product retains water to rejuvenate and add volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People often feel the best place to get lip fillers is on Harley Street. It is not the location but the training and experience of the individual doctors. Dr Tapan Patel, Dr Benji Dhillon, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, Mr Apul Parikh, and Dr Johanna Ward are some of the country’s most advanced injectors, treating a wide range of patients and teaching on the international stage.

The treated area might swell ever so slightly and in worst cases, some bruising may appear. This should subside after a few days though.

Most are suitable for this treatment. Medical history will be discussed during the initial consultation at our London clinic and before and after photographs will be taken. We also need to assess what areas of the lips are most appropriate to treat. In some cases its the corners of the lips that are treated, sometimes we need to increase projection of the upper lip to line up with the bottom lip.

Your treatment plan will be explained in depth at consultation and we will only proceed once we are confident we can meet or exceed expectations.

The price for Lip Enhancement treatments start from: £595

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Lip Enhancement

Before and after Lip Enhancement treatment

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