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Laser tattoo removal can be an effective treatment to permanently remove tattoos, though it is important to note that complete removal cannot always be guaranteed, as some tattoo pigments can prove difficult to totally eliminate.

In the past, tattoo removal was lengthy, sometimes ineffective with certain colours, and could – in the most extreme cases – leave keloid scarring. As laser is unregulated in the UK, it is important that you see a clinician who is fully-qualified and trained to treat you with these powerful lasers.

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Technical Information

PHI Clinic are proud to introduce the latest device from Syneron Candela: the PicoWay. It packs a powerful punch, but is also safe and extremely effective in its treatment of unwanted tattoos. The Picoway device is the only one of its kind, delivering ultra-short pulses at high peak power, which in turn breaks down the pigment of unwanted tattoos and lesions. Because of its strength, patients see a more visible result after just one treatment.

By delivering pulses at a picosecond (a trillionth of a second), the PicoWay enables the physician to easily adjust the wavelength and the size of the treated area. This novel machine permits patients of various skin types to be treated, eliminating the risk of burns and keloid scarring. This FDA approved treatment breaks down even tiny particles of ink, and thanks to the speed of the pulses, causes minimal discomfort.

The Picoway Resolve can also be used to treat pigmentation and irregularities in skin, and even signs of ageing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size, colour and whether it is a professional or amateur tattoo, the need for sessions can vary from 1-8. Some patients take better to treatment than others, but a realistic time frame will be laid out upon examination.

The PicoWay’s state-of-the-art technology means that treatment sessions have been reduced in number. Patients are seeing visible results with fewer sessions, due to its high power.

However, it is advised that patients leave 4-6 weeks between sessions, as ultimately it is the body that gets rid of the tattoo, not the laser. Patients need to allow for the body’s natural healing process to be completed before having their next round of treatment.

Skin types 1-6 can have treatment for tattoo removal at PHI Clinic.

PHI Clinic’s Aestheticians perform this treatment for patients, and specialises in laser work for patients of colour.

The device can be used on most areas of the body.

Patients may see some slight redness in the treated area, as the pigment is broken down, but this should not persist for long after treatment. Patients undergoing laser treatment are always advised to protect their skin from the sun and to wear a good sun block.

The price for Picoway Resolve treatments start from: £199

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Picoway Resolve

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