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SculpSure is the first FDA cleared hyperthermic laser treatment which aims to disrupt subcutaneous fat levels and reduce the appearance of Fat. The heat generates a synthetic form of apoptosis (cell death) which does not usually happen with fat cells. In turn, the lower levels of fat cells in the area means that less fat will be able to store there.

Sculpsure heats the treatable area in a short, 25 minute sitting to reduce the number of fat cells in the region. It is particularly good for those with stubborn areas of fat that are not targeted through healthy diet and exercise alone.

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Technical Information

Non-surgical fat reduction can work in many ways, and it is important to understand what treatment can achieve for you, and what would be the best solution for your particular indication.

It is essential to have a consultation prior to treatment, so the suitability, recommended treatment, sessions and costings can be outlined.

Patients may also not wish to have a surgical intervention such as Liposuction and therefore a non surgical option such as Sculpsure is preferable.

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Conditions treated with Sculpsure

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may require more than one session, the fat cells that are killed off in the process are permanently destroyed. Your clinician will outline to you in the consultation how many sessions of treatment you will need in order to see a desirable result.

The ideal candidate will have a small, trouble area of fat that is not shifting via healthy diet and exercise. Treatment is not a substitute for this condition and is advised to excel the results of treatment. SculpSure is not suitable for those with larger areas of fat, for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

PHI Clinic’s fully-trained aestheticians, will carry out your consultation and treatment at PHI.

The majority of body areas can be treated. The most popular areas include the stomach, flanks, love handles, inner and outer thighs and bingo wings.

Unlike other fat reduction treatments, SculpSure has no downtime, meaning you can have the procedure during your lunch hour and return to work straight away.

The price for Sculpsure treatments start from: £500

Speak to our team today to book your consultation.

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Before and after Sculpsure treatment

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