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TOTAL FX is a fractional CO2 laser treatment in which a high energy beam of laser light is used to improve the look of the skin.

When the skin has been injured or compromised, a person can be left with a scar. There are many different types of scars: hypertrophic, keloid, flat, pale scars, and so forth. In order to repair the skin, a controlled injury needs to occur. This allows for the breakdown of scar tissue, and encourages the body to produce collagen to help uniform the skin and improve the texture and movement. Because of this, TOTAL FX is a great treatment for those seeking skin rejuvenation, tackling skin tone inconsistencies and the overall texture of the skin, and even improving sun damage.

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Before and after TOTAL FX treatment

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Technical Information

The TOTAL FX treatment is when two hand-pieces (ACTIVE FX and DEEP FX) are used in the same session. It is the ultimate treatment for severe scarring or damaged skin, which completely resurfaces the area.
The results from this treatment are long term provided proper sun protection is used, and though most results are noticeable right away, new collagen formation builds up gradually, becoming more obvious over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment is usually performed just the once, but if subsequent treatments are needed, this will be discussed upon examination.

Dr Tapan Patel is a specialist in treating scars, acne scars and patients of colour. Skin types 1-6 can be treated at PHI. The appropriate level of resurfacing treatment can only be confirmed at consultation.

This treatment is performed by Dr Patel and his highly experienced team at PHI Clinic.

The most common area is the face and chest, though other areas can be treated.

Most patients undergoing this treatment will encounter redness and flaking post-treatment. A full list of side-effects will be divulged during consultation, and patients will receive a comprehensive after care kit. It is not mandatory that patients take time out of work, but some find this preferable, depending on the area treated.

The price for TOTAL FX treatments start from: £495

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"It's a random attack. I don't know them and they've done this to me. Forty seconds or a minute of them doing that has left me with a lifetime of injuries."

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'It’s about knowing what’s right for you. And I challenge anyone not to say my face has improved.

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