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TruFlex is a personalised muscle stimulation device that delivers the equivalent of up to 54,000 crunches that tailors treatments to individual patients’ fitness levels, body types, and objectives within 15 minute sessions
This treatment can be used to help tone and strengthen muscles in a variety of areas, including the abs, buttocks, thighs, and arms. It is an effective treatment for both men and women who want to enhance their muscle tone and definition.

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Technical Information

During the treatment, our trained technician will place small, adhesive pads on the targeted area(s). The pads will emit low-level electrical currents, which stimulate your muscles to contract and relax in a way that replicates natural muscle movements.
The Flex technology is able to target multiple muscle groups at once, and the intensity and duration of the contractions can be adjusted to match your personal fitness goals. Treatment is non-invasive and pain-free treatment that requires no downtime. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

TruFlex is a non-invasive muscle-sculpting treatment that uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to target specific muscle groups. The treatment works by using electrical muscle stimulation to induce muscle contractions, which helps to increase muscle strength and definition. TruFlex is FDA-approved and can be used on a variety of areas, including the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

– Builds muscle: This can help to build muscle mass and strength, which can lead to a more toned and sculpted appearance.
– Non-invasive: Unlike traditional body sculpting procedures, TruFlex is non-invasive, meaning it requires no surgery or downtime.
– Customisable: TruFlex allows for customised treatment plans that can target specific muscle groups and cater to individual goals.
– Comfortable: Patients typically experience a comfortable treatment that feels like an intense workout.
– Fast: Each treatment session typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule.

During a TruFlex treatment, you will lie comfortably on a treatment bed while small electrodes are placed on the targeted muscle groups. The electrodes will deliver electrical stimulation to induce muscle contractions, which will feel like an intense workout. The treatment is customisable, allowing for different levels of intensity and targeted muscle groups.

TruFlex requires no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment. Some patients may experience mild muscle soreness after treatment, similar to the soreness experienced after a workout.

The number of treatments you will need will depend on your individual goals and treatment plan. Most patients will see optimal results after 4-6 treatments, with each treatment session spaced 2-3 days apart.

Patients typically see results after 4-6 treatments, with full results visible 8-12 weeks after the final treatment session.

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