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Having a toned body is something that everyone can strive for. No matter what body type, height or weight you are, keeping your muscles toned will better allow you to support your posture, feel stronger and improve your overall health. You can also reduce your risk of developing disease and illnesses, while also looking and feeling better in your general health and wellbeing. Using muscle toning therapy like truSculpt Flex can have major benefits that simple fat-reduction treatments may not. For example, muscle atrophy can be reduced significantly and increased blood flow to these areas can help reduce the time required for an injury to heal.

Here at PHI Clinic, we believe that helping you to achieve your ideal aesthetics includes providing you with ample opportunity to maintain healthy body composition. One such way we can do that is by offering the truSculpt Flex sessions, which work on sculpting your muscles in lieu of – or in conjunction with – traditional strength training.

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Technical Information

The innovative technology held by truSculpt Flex works through stimulating the muscle tissue, in order to create a contraction of the isolated area, which mimics the same movement as a contraction created through voluntary strength training. Unlike traditional strength training, however, you are able to take part in these sessions if you have some weakness or restrictions in movement.

You are also more likely to see an increase in muscle density and growth, at a much faster rate than you might with heavy lifting and weight training. This is because the electrical pulses created by the truSculpt handpiece are more intense than physical exercise, causing the muscles to work harder and therefore allowing the treatment to result in muscle sculpting.

Different intensities can be used, and different areas can be targeted, which depend on the level of results you wish to see, as well as the starting point at which you begin. Three alternative directions are also used throughout treatments, which help to avoid muscle fatigue and soreness, which is so common in weight lifting and strength training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people will begin to see the best results after taking part in four treatments, of which are 45 minutes, each. Once you have reached the peak of your sessions, it is likely that you may only need one session every 3-6 months, in order to maintain your results.

You are welcome to take part in as many sessions as has been deemed necessary by your consultant. However, all treatments must be spaced with at least 48 hours between sessions, to allow your muscles to heal and rest before the next treatment.

The ideal candidate for the truSculpt Flex treatment is generally physically healthy and has no underlying health conditions. If you are unsure as to whether you are right for this therapy, then please do contact us and we will discuss the options available to you.

All work by PHI Clinic is completed by a fully trained and qualified team of aestheticians. Your treatments will always be discussed with you, in-depth, before you are booked for your first treatment. After this, our skilled and trained nurses and aestheticians will use their wide range of experience to complete your therapy.

The handpiece and applicators used by truSculpt Flex can fit up to eight different areas around the body. Whether you’re looking for toned arms and legs, or want to strengthen your core, it is very likely that our aestheticians will be able to help you develop your ideal muscle tone.

As with all muscle-targeted sessions, your body will need time to rest and recuperate after each session, in order to ensure you do not damage the muscles through overuse. It is generally recommended that a resting period of 48 hours be observed before your next session, which will keep your muscles healthy and ready for their next treatment.

The price for truSculpt Flex treatments start from: £750

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