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The VISIA at PHI Clinic, London, is an advanced camera system which provides a thorough skin analysis for our patients.

Focusing on eight key areas, the VISIA delivers accurate data which details where your skin could improve, as well as identifying those areas where your skin is excelling. It is particularly useful for those who are concerned with skin ageing and conditions of the skin. It acts as an indicator for our highly-trained aestheticians to recommend treatments to prevent and correct, as well as skincare products that will help barrier the skin and replenish nutrients.

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Technical Information

The VISIA firstly recognises general spots and blemishes within the skin, then moves on to highlight both superficial and deep UV damage and pigmentation.

The next step is to look at expressive and static lines and wrinkles, and any redness or vascularity within the skin.

By analysing the amount of porphyrins in the skin, the VISIA can detect build-ups of bacteria, which in turn can contribute to oiliness, and create problem areas.

Additionally, the device harnesses the ability to expose any textural discrepancies, including scarring, dryness and flaky skin. It also picks up any large, open pores on the face and can rate the thickness and integrity of your eyelashes.

As well as ranking you with a percentage based on the results of your particular age category, the VISIA tells you the age of your skin, and can also forecast which areas you are likely to age most. This is particularly useful for those patients who are younger, but are seeking preventative measures to avoid and delay the signs of ageing.

This is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that really enhances your patient experience, amalgamating your personal data, devising a bespoke, tailored treatment plan which will most benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

VISIA scans and assessments are carried out by either our extremely knowledgeable aestheticians, or a nurse here at PHI Clinic. This is often a treatment that accompanies a skin consultation, or prior to looking at skincare options, making sure our patients get as much information and detail about what PHI offers to help improve individual indications and conditions.

The price for VISIA treatments start from: £150

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