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The Pecking Order Of Treatments For Crows Feet

get rid of crows feet

Just last week I was having a very interesting conversation with my granddaughter over our morning bowl of muesli. She began to stress her insecurities over her skin and the signs of expression, confessing, much to my surprise she was already considering Botox® injections for her smile lines (crows feet). She’s only in her early 20’s!

She was especially concerned as she had planned to go out this weekend to The Box in London with a few of her girlfriends an A-list hotspot and she wanted to look her absolute best. It’s a shame that the pressure and influence of culture in the modern era has such a terminus effect on our young. Perhaps a little education is in order. Fortunately I do know a little thing or two about the subject and I thought I’d put together some advice in this article for all ages.

Botox® for crows feet: 18-30

get rid of crows feet

Between the ages of about 18 – 25 I would say that you’re practically still a baby! You may not need botox yet, even if you think you do. Some doctors are even reluctant to treat those under 25, but do agree that some light botox may be necessary around 27 or 28 when fine lines are beginning to show on your resting face.

You may think that striving for perfection and the “ideal body” is the be all and end all, but let me tell you this: nobody is perfect. That said, it’s understandable to want to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible because, at the end of the day, we all want that. But before jumping into Botox®, you should consider your daily skincare routine as this is vital. Sun damage is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing and so it is essential that you make the best use of products that contain a good SPF. Establishing a strong skincare routine can maintain the condition of your skin for years to come, meaning you may never need botox at all!


Those of you in your 30’s are still so young, whether you believe it or feel it. To reiterate the above, good skincare is important and you should still maintain this as best you can. But now you may start to think about a light application of “Baby Botox” for your crows feet, just to give you that boost of help you need to fight off those fine expression lines that may be starting to set in.


Your early 40’s are usually the optimum time to now take advantage of Botox® IF you need it for crows feet. You may never need botox if you have maintained quality sun protection, a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. This includes a well balanced diet and refraining from smoking and excessive drinking. For those of you already in deep with your wrinkles at this point, I’d advise a discussion with a well experienced cosmetic doctor as you may instead need fillers rather than botox at this point.


Contrary to popular belief, botox does not actually remove wrinkles at all and is used to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and creases in the first place. So if they have already appeared then you will benefit more from a combination of treatments in order to even out the texture of you skin.
I truly hope my words of advice have been as useful and enjoyable for you as they were for my granddaughter. In any case, if you’re concerned with crows feet and are unsure of your options, asking a reputable and experienced doctor for their advice rather than making rash decisions on your own can be very helpful. They can point you in the best direction depending on your individual wants and needs.

Why Choose PHI Clinic for your crows feet

All of our practitioners at PHI Clinic are highly qualified doctors with many years experience. Always ensure you research your practitioner thoroughly prior to embarking on any treatment. We only ever use branded Botox by Allergan.

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