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Underarm Sweat Treatment of The Future

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Hyperhidrosis treatment in London: miraDry

The most advanced treatment for hyperhidrosis, or ‘excessive sweating’ is now available in London. miraDry is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution that significantly reduces underarm sweat. It works by delivering controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area. miraDry totally eliminates the sweat glands in the treated area. miraDry is an exciting, breakthrough treatment that is new to the UK. It is the only long lasting, non-invasive solution for hyperhidrosis. At PHI Clinic we are delighted to offer a treatment that helps our patients to say goodbye to underarm sweat patches.

How can hyperhidrosis affect someone’s life?

Many of us experience excessive sweating at some point in our lives, usually due to the environment that we are in, or sometimes due to nerves or anxiety. Excessive sweating occurs mostly around the underarm area, which can temporarily be solved by carrying a strong anti-perspirant at all times. If you are prone to underarm sweat patches then it is also advisable to carry spare shirts. Some people choose to wear dark clothing to hide sweat patches, but dark clothing tends to attract more heat. This can have an adverse effect and result in the sweat patches becoming worse. Excessive sweating can also occur on the hands and feet.

miraDry: tried and tested

miraDry is a CE Mark and FDA-approved solution which has been tried and tested for safety and efficacy. Introduced to the US a few years ago, it has a 94% satisfaction rate on realself.com and some great reviews!

Why visit PHI Clinic for hyperhidrosis treatment?

Our highly skilled team at PHI Clinic have many years of experience in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. When you visit us for your first consultation, you will be given a full assessment to determine which treatment our specialists feel is best for you as an individual. We offer many forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis, including miraDry and botox injections.

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Excessive sweating treatment at 102, Harley Street

PHI Clinic offers the most advanced solutions for excessive sweating. Situated at 102, Harley Street, PHI Clinic boasts 4 floors of clinical excellence, and provides a 5-star treatment setting for all patients, right in the heart of the medical district.

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