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Vaser Liposuction cost vs Sculpsure Liposuction?

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Vaser Liposuction cost vs Sculpsure Liposuction?

Sculpsure is a focussed fat reduction treatment that is non invasive, it is completed by light based technology which breaks down the fatty deposits without damaging any dermal tissue. The body will then get rid of the damaged fat cells naturally. The basis of Sculpsure is similar to Coolsculpting. Whereas the latter uses cool to eradicate the unwanted fat, Sculpsure uses heat. While the fat cells are being killed through the heat, the skin is being cooled by the applicator head therefore no discomfort is caused to the patient. Vaser Liposuction is less invasive than other procedures, it uses ultrasound technology to break down the fatty deposits without damaging surrounding tissue and the broken down fat is then removed through a suction process. Vaser is the abbreviated term for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. This might add clarification as to how this treatment works.

non-surgical-treatment-room-imageVaser liposuction is more effective on patients who have a larger amount of fat to be removed. All liposuction whether invasive or non invasive should always be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve and retain the ideal results. Vaser liposuction will be performed under local anesthetic Both treatments will enable you to identify the problem areas and will enhance the contours of your body releasing those stubborn fatty deposits that are hard to move through diet and exercise alone.

Unlike traditional liposuction methods the vaser has significantly lower downtime. It shapes and contours the body removing those stubborn areas of fat that are hard to shift with natural methods. It is minimally invasive and therefore allows patients to achieve great results without resorting to fully invasive surgery. Unlike Sculpsure this treatment will work well on those larger areas of fat that need to be expelled. With all treatments there is a maximum amount of fat that is allowed to be removed during one treatment. As previously stated these treatments are for those patients who have unwanted fatty deposits and are not for a weight loss program.

Sculpsure is a non invasive procedure, it will remove the unwanted areas of fat by heating the desired area, targeting specific fat cells. (Please be aware that Sculpsure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic) Due to the non invasive nature of this procedure the downtime is non existent. This is particularly good at removing specific fat pockets that are difficult to shift through other methods. The treatment will take about 25 minutes and you may benefit from subsequent treatments to achieve even higher results. At PHI we will provide you with a personal treatment plan designed to achieve the best possible results for you . This treatment is best suited to patients who have small areas of fat that they wish to eradicate.

Sculpsure treatment costs start from £250
Vaser Liposuction costs start from £3000

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